New Profile Posts

  1. Electronicus
    Done for now, Internet Explorer users will see the background lag a bit, will have to look at that later.
  2. Gylrah
    Registered and need the permission for the member section :-)
  3. achaian
  4. Gothenks
    hmm i dont see the member section:S
  5. Electronicus
    If you don't see the forum sections you think that you should do, please tell Sam.
  6. Electronicus
    Sorry, the theme got a bit broken so figured I would migrate to Xenforo which will solve a lot of the old problems that people had... Enjoy!
  7. Electronicus
    This is my status!
  8. Lau
    o_O pas net je berichtje gezien... ik voeg je vanavond toe :)
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  9. Scarlettusk
    Scarlettusk Lau
    Lauwie! Het wordt 's tijd dat je me add, Kaygee#1541
  10. Latill
    let me know when you want an invite =) on tullee
  11. Nazkol
    Nazkol Latill
    was the hacker that gquit me.

    I got my account back :)
  12. Latill
    Latill Nazkol
    Hey Naz, are you still hacked or was it you who gquit just now?
  13. Omney
    Omney Sheikah
    hi m8 what u think
  14. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    hehe no worries :D
  15. aeon
    Something went wrong with my addon and I don't have a log again.

    Sorry :(
  16. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    Aeons!! When u have time upload the logs pleaseee :D
  17. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    Oh ok A no probem :D:D
  18. aeon
    I'm really sorry but something went wrong and I don't have a log file.
    As far as I know the addon that toggles logging on/off was on yet no logfile was created.
  19. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    Aeons upload our logs from tonight :P
  20. aeon
    Ops, forgot to upload them at the end of the night.