Fastest sarth 3d kill 10 man

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Kalutica, April 2nd,2009.

  1. Kalutica

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    Sme crazy russians killed sarth before shadron puts the immunity shield up, he died 76 sec in the fight.
    At 30 % the drakes enrage that's why they wipe in the end but they run in and get the loot and the dragons despawn :) so 2 min work to get easy epix + achievement

    with vid and wws/wowmeter
  2. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm, how much dps would that need? :p
    And I guess you would still have 2 drakes?
  3. Kalutica

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  4. ziggy

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    and they had 3 drakes up as he died :aaa:

    It looks like the pally tanked both tenebron and sarth and they had 8 dps just wail away
  5. Guinivere

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    Poor Shaman, that's all I gotta say o_O
  6. Yukora

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    We do this weekly, 1 healer, 1 tank 8 melee DPS, only took 30 tries first time, now takes a lucky double south flame wave (1 in 4 chance).

    Still waiting for my munt!1