Fri Night - Ulduar25 (lol)

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Relinor, October 30th,2009.

  1. Relinor

    Relinor Member

    I'd quite like to kill a few more bosses in the Ulduar25 Raid ID we used officially this week, in the hope of a Fragment or two dropping. Rel has 14 atm so quite a way to go, but if I get there then it will be useful.

    So if anyone is interested, mains or alts, perhaps we can start around 20:00 gametime. Very much doubt we will attempt any hardmode. Ignis, Keepers and onwards are alive so there is at least a good opportunity for some fast T8.5 for the alts.
  2. Booze

    Booze Member

  3. Zin

    Zin Member

    do want pve gear on priest. deadly set aint great for my longevity!
  4. Konjin

    Konjin Active Member

    spreist or stabstab, im in (i hate pve healing, only ask if really short on it)
  5. vomitus

    vomitus Maligned Member

    this means i can tank ? :p
  6. Relinor

    Relinor Member

    I guess I'll take another look tonight, around 21:00. Not keeping my hopes up considering how few we got on Fri.