Naxx - Saturday 11th October

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Gnarl, October 11th,2008.

  1. Gnarl

    Gnarl Member

    I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who took part in this very successful run :)

    Darkthorn and Emille for rounding up the troops and Seren and Bloodoath for taking the reins and seeing us through to the end. We couldn't have done it without you guys <3

    I though we might have trouble getting the numbers for it, but how wrong I was :)

    Let's hope we all have the same amount of fun and success clearing the new version ... bring it on!
  2. Booze

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  3. Nazkol

    Nazkol Member

    WTB more of those plate thingies for the T3 :D
  4. Emille

    Emille Member

    Always glad to help :)
  5. Seulaslintan

    Seulaslintan Active Member

    talk to me in game, i think our guildbank has loads
  6. Bluefeonix

    Bluefeonix Member

    I have... 1. I'll mail it you
  7. Nazkol

    Nazkol Member

    Will try and contact you later on :D
  8. Nazkol

    Nazkol Member

    Stop being on raid Zoey :D so I can get my plate thingies :p