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Discussion in 'News' started by Varuna, April 26th,2011.

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  1. Varuna

    Varuna Member

    Valiona and Theotherone dead. Unfortunately, my cheers on TS after another boss kill were drowned out by the cries of 'PLEASE TAKE A PROPER SCREENSHOT!'.

    I tried. One of the dragons despawned.

    But worry not, paint has saved the day!


    Yes, I do believe that dead dragon is a not-too-distant cousin of our own Jables. Or a goose.

    7/13 now. Recruiting one more healer. Either resto shaman or a holy/disc priest please.
  2. aeon

    aeon Member

    Looks more like a crab .
  3. Nickilas

    Nickilas New Member

  4. Duckmistress

    Duckmistress Member

    Comparing dragons to gooses... Duck, duck, ...
  5. aeon

    aeon Member

    Ducks are birds. Birds are evolved reptiles. Dragons are reptiles. The obvious conclusion: Ducks are evolved, improved dragons.
    I wonder how hard they hit plates.
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