Our 6th heroic kill and thanks mainly to our healers as this is a very healing intensive fight. Subsequently we got Iskar sub 20% but our time for the evening ran out.

Hopefully the next raid will bring us our 7th kill and possibly more!

Archimonde down!

Well, Archimonde down for the 3rd time at least. Good end-boss fight this, with lots going on and a pretty chaotic final phase to negotiate, but negotiate we did.

Our next goal: Heroic Gorefiend
Well this forum has been dead for quite some time, so here's a little update on what this lil' ol' guild has been getting up to.

On the launch of WoD a few old guildies and some new ones decided, hey remember raiding?? Maybe we should try that again. So we did! We cobbled together something that passed for a raid and set off on a new chapter for Maligned.

Cut to now and we're slowly working out way through heroic Hellfire Citadel (5/13). We may not be as hardcore in our approach to raiding as Maligned may have been in the 'old days' but we still enjoy our raiding and look to progress as much as we can whilst still maintaining a more laid-back semi-casual approach to the game.

So we've killed Archimonde on normal and are currently working towards a heroic Gorefiend kill.

More updates to come and we look forward to Legion!