New Profile Posts

  1. Electronicus
    Where the pretty kill shots on the frontpage? Looks so bare!
  2. Electronicus
    To comply with GDPR, all email notifications have been disabled, feel free to enable them again if you are into that kind of thing!
  3. Electronicus
    Done for now, Internet Explorer users will see the background lag a bit, will have to look at that later.
  4. Gylrah
    Registered and need the permission for the member section :-)
  5. achaian
  6. Gothenks
    hmm i dont see the member section:S
  7. Electronicus
    If you don't see the forum sections you think that you should do, please tell Sam.
  8. Electronicus
    Sorry, the theme got a bit broken so figured I would migrate to Xenforo which will solve a lot of the old problems that people had... Enjoy!
  9. Electronicus
    This is my status!
  10. Lau
    o_O pas net je berichtje gezien... ik voeg je vanavond toe :)
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  11. Scarlettusk
    Scarlettusk Lau
    Lauwie! Het wordt 's tijd dat je me add, Kaygee#1541
  12. Latill
    let me know when you want an invite =) on tullee
  13. Nazkol
    Nazkol Latill
    was the hacker that gquit me.

    I got my account back :)
  14. Latill
    Latill Nazkol
    Hey Naz, are you still hacked or was it you who gquit just now?
  15. Omney
    Omney Sheikah
    hi m8 what u think
  16. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    hehe no worries :D
  17. aeon
    Something went wrong with my addon and I don't have a log again.

    Sorry :(
  18. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    Aeons!! When u have time upload the logs pleaseee :D
  19. Nerya
    Nerya aeon
    Oh ok A no probem :D:D
  20. aeon
    I'm really sorry but something went wrong and I don't have a log file.
    As far as I know the addon that toggles logging on/off was on yet no logfile was created.