10GB worth of nostalgia

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by spin, February 2nd,2017.

  1. spin

    spin Maligned Member

    I recently found a folder on one off my backup drives containing a whole bunch of age old kill vids and decided to upload them all to my google drive.

    For those interested in seeing the olden days once more, https://goo.gl/jZ0IL1

    enjoy o/
  2. Khrenor

    Khrenor Member

    Man, some of these vids are so old I'm a tree healing the MT ...
  3. Zin

    Zin Well-Known Member

    Got a sense of nostalgia, came here and saw some of my old vids

    Heroic LK ruined my wow life....
  4. Lavey

    Lavey Maligned Member

    TY nice collection you gathered there Spinnie.
    Been watching some of the old ones, and it's strage how many details of the encounters I clearly remembers even though some of them are more than 12 years ago.
    Twin emperors, C'Thun, Vashj were just amazing fights and BG Sartura (yeah I admit i loved that one)

  5. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member