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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by nightbreed32, September 25th,2009.

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    I made Blizzard news front page with my next thingy

    You have probably seen it in trade as a massive macro about a Huge server event possibly a MMORPG world record.

    The BIG train

    the event is simple in design send your name with the participating toon to Hilda.

    and at the 13th of october at 18:00 server time i will start the train. simple i start walking the second followes me the 3rd follows the second untill we have a train of players.

    we are heading out from orgrimmar and walking to TB. Blizzard will be watching they havent left any promises or anything but there might be a token item for those that complete it.
    the small version looked a bit like this


    Attention this is a server event there will be an alliance train also. no PvP flagging or PvP action
    Come Sons and Sisters of the "Server" let us put our differences aside and show Blizzard what us players can achive!

    if you want to see more info go to blizzards wow laucher community site and follow the link

    posted in fighting oppression .. the big train

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    What was the tune? I know I have it somewhere.
    nm, got it on chilled2 ;p
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    None of the UK people with jobs will be able to make it; 1800 server time is 5pm GMT, we won't even be home yet :'(