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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Bobbyfunk, November 24th,2009.

  1. Bobbyfunk

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    1st mix I've done in ages. ITS THE BOMB! SO DOWNLOAD IT!


    1. Alex Gopher - Handguns (Dada Life Remix)
    2. Dada Life - Let's Get Bleeped Tonight
    3. NROTB - Droplet
    4. Swanky Tunes - Harmony of Like (Digital Lab & SonicC Remix)
    5. Nom De Strip & Little Bastard - Just Keep Crazy
    6. Solo - Afreaka
    7. Aquasky Ft. Slips & Dapz - You Know We Do It (Big Girl Tonka Remix)
    8. Juice String - Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)
    9. Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club
    10. Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (Cold Blank Remix)
    11. Tonka - Jack Track (Black Noise Remix)
    12. Magik Johnson - The Boy Blew (Calvertron Remix)
    13. Juiceboxxx - 100 MPH (AC Slater Remix)
    14. Natural Born Chillers – Rock the Funky Beat (Reset! Remix)
    15. Yeah! Woho! - Bass Warfare
    16. Ren Et Gaston - Vall e De Larmes (Hostage Remix)
    17. SonicC - Stickin'
    18. Zinc - 128 Trek

    http://rapidshare.com/files/311327082/R ... 1.mp3.html
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    No thanks.
  3. Nazkol

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    Nice mix mate :)

    I like it :D
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    I'll reupload it on my rapidshare premium for you
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