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    We aren’t typically the type to post after every boss kill, but this is now another instance cleared on twenty-five man. This time Al’akir was in our sights and it got awfully windy.

    The encounter is a three phase fight, each phase being radically different. The first phase needs some spreading out and careful awareness to avoid knockbacks, chain lightning as well as tornados.

    The second phase involves killing small adds consistently to stack a powerful debuff on the boss while dealing with the same tornados.

    In the third and final phase the fight takes off, with a race to see who will die first.

    It is certainly interesting to see different aspects of old fights coming together for new encounters, but our raiders were definitely getting annoyed but I am glad our perseverance paid off for yet another twenty five man server first.

    Nefarian next and we are already getting ourselves to the last phase of that encounter so hopefully not too long until we can sit and wait patiently for our exalted-only mounts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.