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Discussion in 'News' started by Electronicus, September 10th,2009.

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  1. Electronicus

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    Ok, so first things first. We have killed the 25 man version of Algalon thereby winning an intense race with Natures Wrath for the server-unique and presitigous Celestial Defender title awarded for the realm first kill. It wasn't our focus to get server-firsts when raiding started with the latest expansion (choosing to toy around with Naxx rather than race to Sartharion), but we took one back for the horde!

    Having unlocked Algalon a month ago, we finally nailed the strategy on Sunday but ran out of time just as our really good attempts were starting to happen. So we made plans to visit Algalon as soon as we could on Wednesday and visit him we did.

    Clearing Flame Leviathan and XT on easy for the first time since the first week and pre-nerf respectively it was amusing to see how quickly they fell (both guild records I am sure) but that was shortlived and we soon arrived at the funky door.

    I can't recall how long we had remaining but after seven or eight attempts, people stopped dying to the kind of shit that would normally result in a wipe and we hit phase three for the first time that evening. Shortly afterwards we became confused as we still seemed to be alive but were unable to hit Algalon. "That is it right?" and it was.

    This was our first achievement (well for the majority of us that aren't filthy rerollers) that has been announced across the entire server and we all appreciate the many whispers of congratulations we recieved, who knows if we will repeat this weekly (why not?) but the cutscene which played below (which is also the same as the 10 man version we have also attained) will certainly be more common. We will continue to run Ulduar (as I am sure as we progress in the colleseum we will have more 'free time') to ensure that all our raiders get the time-limited drake.

    So what else have we been up to since the last update?
    Progress in the colleseum has been good with us achieving our first kill on Anub'arak in normal 25 man mode last week and repeated again tonight. Here is a shot of our first kill:

    We didn't get our first hard mode kill last week and used all fifty wipes trying, but tonight (admittedly post-nerf) we achieved a kill on our second attempt which I think would have also been a kill the previous week anyway, it was very nicely done. There is plenty more time for more progress in there this week so you can expect yet more exciting frontpage posts.

    In 10 man news, no other progress in Ulduar as we are not really looking at 'Alone in the Dark' but of the four groups that went ot the colleseum, two groups (those that consisted completely of raiders) were able to reach and have close attempts on Anub'arak, so we should see a kill on him this week and then tribute run completions shortly after that.

    This post might contain many spelling mistakes, but I do not care because I defend celestial beings don't you know?
  2. Electronicus

    Electronicus Hunter Staff Member

    Some people have exploited Anub'arak by using many warlocks, many paladins but I openly admit that we had at least four Jeeves in our raid and can only apologise profusely for our actions.
  3. Konjin

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    Nice going on Algalon guys!
  4. Lassulock

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    Found it in the Twins kill thread meni ages ago, Ratty was damn right that time and it still holds.

    How was the kill for me?
    Here we go:

    It seemed like ages ago since we entered the Titan city of Ulduar, following that lunatic dwarf Brann.
    The great halls echoed our quickening steps as we rushed through the Antechamber, only this time we turned right. The hideous whispers and screams were long gone since Yogg-Saron was laying lifeless in its true form with tired Keepers staring at the corpse of thousand maws, which had tortured them for eons, only Thorim gave us a vivid glare of lightning which stregthened our hearts.
    Everyone knew the battle was not over, a disturbing silence filled the city's halls.
    And there it stood, the door to the Celestial Planetarium, the Keeper's sigils shining brightly, revealing the Chamber Guardian.
    The bulk of Maligned grunts quickly convinced the giant to allow us free passage.
    Greenpiggy and his most trusted lieutenant's quickly picked the strike force, we knew the drill, Bonar and myself quickly dispatched our felhunters to help securing the rear guards, to avoid any surprises that may arise.
    The strike force and the backup team quickly exchanged looks of good-wishes, not knowing what horrors await them behind the hideous door.
    Suddenly there was a moment of silence, soon broken by the dull humming of the gate's mechanism as Enigmar activated the console with the data disc (a former "gift" from Steelbreaker, the strongest member of the Iron Council).
    Bright light filled the corridor as the platform inside the chamber was transparent, giving way to the beam coming from the heart of the Titan structure.
    Zin and Proko quickly vanished and searched the room for hidden traps, found none and signaled to the rest of the team for safe entry.
    As the Planetarium swallowed the fist of Maligned in its belly, the rear guard peeked through the gates...
    ...then it began. The light grew stronger and a celestial figure materialized near the ceiling (just liked the statues they have seen all over Ulduar).
    - "Trans-location complete. I'm Algalon, the Observer, mortals - your planet has been chosen for planetary analysis! Stand back, I am not here to fight you. It is in the universe's best interest to re-originate this planet should my analysis find systemic corruption. Do not interfere!"
    - Do not interfere? Re-originate? What the hell is he talking about? - said Ramuela the tauren death knight, who in spite of his huge albino cow body, resembled more to a dwarf in spirit, not to mention his strange affliction to axes.
    - I'm beginning to dislike His Shiny Majesty - responded Dhari, slowly dismantling the huge hammer from her back.
    Looking at Ilse and Enigmar, seeing that the two was battle-ready with shields and weapons out, the rest of the force quickly made their own preparations.
    The Observer stopped.
    - "Very well. Come, see your world through my eyes..."
    In a blink of an eye the chamber was empty. The rear guard stared at nothing but the vas emptiness of the Planetarium. Everyone slowly occupied their posts and started to pray to various beings which they believed in, hoping to see their comrades once again.
    The sands of time seemed to fall for an eternity, tho only a minute passed.
    They were back. Everyone. Even the Observer.
    Alive and well.
    - "I have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames. Their denizens fading without so much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and raised in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart, devoid of emotion... of empathy. I... have... felt... NOTHING! A million, million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?"
    - "I lack the strength to transmit the signal. You must hurry. Find a place of power close to the skies. Do not worry about my fate Dhari. If the signal is not transmitted in time re-origination will proceed regardless. Save. Your. World."
    With these words the celestial being handed over a small device to the small death knight and vanished.
    Everyone stood there in pure disbelief. The Observer's Gift included a shiny chest as well. Greenpiggy was the first to react, opening the chest he recoverd a small dagger, just like the one Algalon himself wielded, yet it was not a weapon of close combat. He knew what to do. Somewhere in the back row Gnarl, the orc warlock was engaged in a quiet parley with her imp minion ("It was not in my contract...Kupgup if you say contract again, I'm going to banish...").
    - Gnarl!
    - I'm here - no you shut up... - i'm here!
    - Well done.
    - Oh.
    Her comrades haven't seen to orc happier, carefully she touched the blade, one can almost think that tears formed in her eyes, but everyone knows green-skins never cry!
    The rest of the chest contained a pretty mace showing all possible contellations of the azerothian sky, a dangerous looking pair of plate boots and gold beyond measure.
    The fatigued group was awakened by the approaching sound of trampling boots and a familiar voice...
    - Wait for me, lads, what's in there, off with ye!
    Brann arrived with the rear guard.
    - Oh, you did it, you did it, quickly head to Dalaran!
    Arile looked to Scarlet, then she responded with a broad smile.
    - No - said the young mage - just no.
    - But yes! - laughed the troll - it's your turn.
    - I don't want to be no servant to a dwarf!
    - Arile, PLEASE... - said Tumbleweed, the druid who was VERY eager to get a good pint at Uda's inn.
    Not willing to bring out the bear from Tumble, she reluctantly started opening the portal.
    - What on earth happened? - I asked Dilluendo, who was shifting back and forth to shadow form, eager for new challenges.
    - Well, we got ported to a place, surrounded with bright stars...
    - Oh, man I thought, no Malygos again - Krookyo intervened.
    - Can I continue please - reposted the troll with an angry but playful look.
    - "Can I continue please?" - mocked back the undead warlock perfectly mimicking Dill's high pitched voice.
    - Here we go again - said Bonar, and we knew that we better ask someone else since these two will mouth-fight till the end of the world.
    We headed straight to the shamans, who were already retelling their version of the encounter.
    - I stood there I knew exactly when to cast my lightning bolt just before that ugly smash came... - explained Escensse proudly.
    - ...which would make you a dead shaman if my heals wouldn't have landed just in time... - Guinivere was quick to add.
    Listening carefully a tale of an epic battle formed before our mind's eyes, leaving no doubt that no one could have succeeded but Maligned.
    - Portal is ready - Arile's shout broke the flow of our thoughts.
    Tumble was the fastest, ignoring Hugzy's warning.
    - leads to Stonard - the fellow druid wanted to add as the big tauren disappeared through the waygate - well the beer is not THAT bad there after all, tho I can forget that muddy aftertaste.
    Everyone laughed and followed Brann through Scarlet's portal to Dalaran.
    The floating mage city has never been more welcoming. Everyone gathered upon hearing the news: the secret of Ulduar has been revealed, Azeroth is safe...for now at least.
    Adventurers from the Horde and even from the hated Alliance united in congratulating the Celestial Defenders, as the twenty-five heroes became known.
    Brann led them to the Violet Citadel, where the reply code was handed over to Ronin, the leader of Kirin-Tor. He knew what to do.
    The group made its way to the Eventide fountain through the crowd.
    The fountain began glowing faintly as the wizard approached it with the Titan device, a glowing beam shot towards the night sky as he activated the message, stars seemed to come closer as the message flew through the infinite skies to reach its destination.
    The Titan's heard the call. Azeroth is saved.
    Ronin expressed his thanks to everyone, but his heart remained heavy, beyond the cheering crowd of heroes, the shadow of the Icecrown Citadel seemed to grow darker and darker each day...
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    They should make that message permanent tbh.
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