Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational (29/05/10 20:00)

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by tabbi, May 25th,2010.

  1. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I would like to invite people to attend an Icecrown Citadel 25man raid.

    Very pleased to announce that Putricide was our latest triumph with these runs. Over the 3 runs so far I have managed to keep track of 47 different people, be it attended one run or more and declaring interest. So there is no set group that we can build on from week to week to progress further. We just see what sort of group we pull together and then get battered in.

    Current progress for these runs:
    • Marrowgar(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Lady Deathwhisper(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • *Gunship(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Saurfang(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Rotface(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Festergut(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Putricide(1)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Blood Princes(3)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Blood Queen[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Dreamwalker[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Sindragosa[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Lich King[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    *= Heroic mode if we are able to get it set(which has been possible every run so far).
    (number)= how many times the boss has died.


    • Raid Invites are done at 20:00 and start time is once we fill the raid. Raid is over at 00:00 (or before if we get all possible bosses down, but no later unless people request one last boss attempt and all are in agreement).[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Raid does not operate on Gear Score nor Achievement requests.[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Loot is distributed via rolls. Loot is linked in chat with (ms) or (os) after it for people to roll. Pay attention to raid chat as late rolls can and will be ignored. BoE items that aren't taken for (ms) or (os) will be raid rolled as will Primordial Saronite. (Each person will be able to roll on only one (ms), if attempts to roll on more than one spec your first item roll will be noted and your roll on the other spec items will be ignored. You can roll again when it gets passed on to (os) if nobody else rolled for (ms).)[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Raid is for some lighthearted fun but with a focus when it comes to bosses. Don't know what to do or want to know more about the bosses, ask and someone will help.[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • Raid is not here to boost you. If you aren't willing to put the effort into your character then the raid isn't going to carry you.[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • If you can't make the full run, Don't ask to come. If you join and just leave midway through you will have no future part in runs.[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • These runs will be Saturday nights every week until we don't have enough interest to continue. If I can't make it for whatever reason I'll try during the week to find a replacement leader for that week.[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]
    • We use TeamSpeak 3 to make things easier on ourselfs.It's by no means a requirement, but some important stuff is called during boss fights where there isn't time to type.[/*:m:1cgj5ot1]

    I think those to be the main points about the raid.


    The set-up I generally look for is:
    1Tank/dps (for Marrowgar/Deathwhisper/Blood Princes and future Putricide)
    6Healers (2Holy Paladins, 2Priests, 1Shaman, 1Resto Druid. 2pala is a must for me but the other 4 can be various combinations)

    We have a few people that have turned up for both runs so far, but if you would like to be considered for a slot then drop a reply here in the form of:

    Name: Yves
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Blood Tank (53/8/10)
    Armory: ... or&cn=Yves

    I obviously can't guarantee everyone a raid slot but if enough interest we can get the raid started as close to 20:00 as possible.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the post and hope we can help each other out on the night if you decide to put your name forward.
  2. Latill

    Latill Well-Known Member

  3. Relinor

    Relinor Well-Known Member

  4. Dunderbamse

    Dunderbamse Well-Known Member

  5. Grimgorth

    Grimgorth Well-Known Member

  6. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Well-Known Member

  7. Arile

    Arile Well-Known Member

  8. Nazkol

    Nazkol Well-Known Member

  9. Ssparky

    Ssparky New Member

    Name: Ssparky
    Class: Rogue
    Spec: Assasination/Combat, whichever you want.
    Armory: ... cn=Ssparky

    Promise i wont jump off the gunship this time :shock:

    Edit: Not sure if I can make it, might have plans, will contact you if they change.
  10. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    There always has to be one :p
  11. Guinivere

    Guinivere Well-Known Member

    Same again for me!

    Name: Elysi
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Blood Tank (53/8/10) & Unholy DPS (0/17/54)
    Armory: ... or&n=elysi

    Must admit my tanking gear is falling behind now (no other options outside of raids ;(), while I am happy to be the off-off tank there maybe a better option for any later bosses like Putri.
  12. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    You did well last raid. 1st time trying Putricide and 2shotting it :)
  13. Marsh

    Marsh Member

  14. Scarlettusk

    Scarlettusk Well-Known Member

  15. Electronicus

    Electronicus Hunter Staff Member

    Should be around on Eclectic :D
  16. Mo

    Mo Well-Known Member

    if you need healslol

    Name: Moreeni
    Class: Shaman
    Spec: Rasta

    (not sure my priest is geared/experienced enough for 25m - done few odd bosses in 10m. but in case discobubbles would be better than jesusbeams for the raid set-up, I'll be happy to bring it...
    Name: Scurvy
    Class: Priest
    Spec: Disc
  17. Grimgorth

    Grimgorth Well-Known Member

    Ah I'm working til 9:00 Game time, won't be able to make invites :(
  18. Quamar

    Quamar Well-Known Member

  19. makebelieve

    makebelieve New Member

    Sounds like fun, my main is makebelieve here you can check all needed achies, 11 of 12 on 10 man and 6 on 25 (putri and 30% )
    Armory: ... akebelieve

    i am availible on
    Name: taurine
    Class: Druid
    Spec: Tank \ offspec resto
    Armory: ... cn=Taurine

    Name: Morohtar
    Class: Warlock
    Spec: Afliction
    Armory: ... n=Morohtar

    Name: Cowhunter
    Class: Hunter
    Spec: marksman\survival
    Armory: ... =cowhunter
  20. Smacked

    Smacked New Member

    Name: Smacked
    Class: Paladin
    Spec: Protection (0/54/17). My offspec is PvP Holy, but I have very litle gear for it
    Armory: ... cn=smacked

    As for the weapon/shield (no I will not be tanking with a fishing rod) I have Bonebreaker's Scepter (Normal) and Aegis of the Coliseum (Normal).
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