Atramedes Heroic

Discussion in 'News' started by Electronicus, February 28th,2011.

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    As with the normal version, once clearing the room you are presented with a huge gong highlighted by a beam to call down Atramedes in preparation for attempts, sadly tonight Atramedes was stood there waiting for us already, we were unable to put out that light - a little inconvenient when said light is the same colour as the discs you are attempting to dodge.

    Ah well, we dealt with it, wiping the smile off the blind dragon's face for yet another server first and taking back our place as the top guild on the server.

    The fight isn't much different from the normal version with regards to what needs to be done. The gongs allowed during the fight are far more limited meaning there is no room for the kind of errors that can be wiped and forgotten about. Every raider needs to be aware of avoiding increasing their noise level or they will die. We had many attempts were we were alive for as long as we needed to be, but many were not surviving causing us to not reach our goal before the boss cast an ability we could no longer interupt and wipe us almost instantly.

    Fortunately the number of errors decreased and we claimed our victory. Next.
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    go Maligned!
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