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    Maligned has now cleared the Black Temple and here is a summary of the bosses we have defeated in our time there.

    High Warlord Naj'entus

    His blades moved so fast that not even he could see them; Leeunit smiled as his saw his weapons pierce the mutant naga’s scaly flesh. To his left and right he saw other rogues such as Lethian and Diora score similar hits on their foe. Looming above them all was the form of Rokash hacking away with his Axe of the Gronn Lords removing great chucks of skin and muscle, nothing could stop them Leeunit thought.

    Suddenly there was a shield in between them all and High Warlord Naj’entus and healers were suddenly casting their spells franticly. Then the shield vanished as abruptly as it had appeared and they were all hit by the back lash of magical energy. AS the pain passed however Leeunit spotted that a number of the wounds he had inflicted had healed, which annoyed him slightly.

    He resumed his attack with even more vigour but just as he was getting into his grove, something large hit him, pinning his body to the ground, the words ‘Stick Around’ echoed through the chamber and there was a hint of mockery in the naga’s voice…

    “Trialist Down” Leeunit heard someone else yelled, most likely it was Rurik.


    Man this fight was a simple one Pacifier thought as he slammed yet another totem into the ground. At times Supremus would focus solely on Enigmar with occasional blows at Rurik or Ithaqua, during these phases the rest of the raid would go hell for leather hurling spells or hacking into him with their weapons.

    Then the huge Abyssal would change tactics and start to chase one of the raid members around the vast courtyard. At this point everything went up into the air as healers attempted to keep the others alive while they attempted to continue their attacks.

    Yes indeed this fight was a simple one Pacifier thought again and smirked at Supremus, before everything suddenly went black

    “Pacifier!” Greenpiggy said in an exasperated tone. “How many times do we have to say don’t stand in the Volcanos” as the shaman was resurrected, after Supremus had been reduced to rubble.

    The Shade of Akama

    The intruders had appeared from no where, no one knew how they had penetrated so far into the temple surely Supremus should have been able to stop them. The Ashtongue knew that there target was no other than the ‘Shade of Akama’ the soul of their own leader.

    They had to be stopped once and for all…

    “Ok everyone is ready,” Zoey, ‘Mistress of Tactics’, yelled out “Group one, kill those channelers as fast as you can, groups 2 and 3 kill anything that comes out of those passageways.”

    As Akama moved up to begin disrupting the channaler’s banishing spell three tree spec’d druids looked at each other uneasily. Their had been a particular type of gaurd none of them wished to meet again the Ashtongue Stalkers which had a particular fetish for seeking them out in a fight, so much so that the rest of the raid force had nicknamed them ‘Lumberjacks’.

    Teron Gorefiend

    ‘What are you afraid of?” Teron Gorefiend yelled as he smashed his two handed weapon into to Enigmar, with the orc barely raising his shield in time to block to the blow. “Death isn’t so bad,” the deathnight laughed as for a fraction of a second his attention was fixed on the forsaken rogue known as Leeunit.

    “Aww comeon,” muttered Leeunit who had been knock unconscious several times during the raid into the black temple already, where was the justice in this. Never the less he remembered the briefing given to the raid before they had engaged their ancient opponent by Maligned own ‘Mistress of Tatics’ Zoey. Using all of his most powerful attacks he hacked into Gorefiend before the pain of the spell placed upon him was too great and he broke off from the fight and away from the other members of the raid.

    Upon reaching the furthest corner of the room the rogue had a few minutes to contemplate the mean of life and all its foibles, before the magical force that was animating his undead body broke and he collapsed to the ground.

    But that was not the end of Leeunit…

    Oh no, for almost instantly he arose again in a spectral form, he had no time to think about this as with his ghost had arisen four very nasty looking skeletal creatures. Some how he knew that he could counter them with his new shape’s innate abilities, so without a moments hesitation he shakled them all in chains of ice before proceeding to hit each in turn with a powerful ice lance spell. Now weakened and slowed he hit them with the lance one more time before he had enough power to shackle them again. He repeated this whole process until they were all dead.

    Soon Gorefiend was dead (again) and the magiacal energy that held Leeunit’s undead form was restored. Thanking the one who had resurrected him he turned to face the others they all stood chatting and admiring the items which the death night had drop when he had died.

    “All right,” he called out and they all looked at him “Who did it?” he demanded, puzzled faces became clear. “Which one of you yelled ‘Trialist down?”…

    Reliquary of the Souls

    There was no doubt in her mind that this was the most unsettling room that she had ever set foot in. She could feel the presence of thousands of souls with in the small confines of the chamber, and they were all emanating from the thing that was being held in what appeared to be a massive ribcage.

    On both sides her companions were also entering and she could tell that they too could feel the attentions of the souls, though not as acutely as her. Suddenly the thing in the ribcage began to thrash about aware of the intruders in its presence, the massive chains that held it in place smashed of the walls and statues sending chunks of stone flying.

    For a moment the raid force stood there unsure of just what it was they were facing, then their foe burst forth and charged towards them, as it did so, all the souls contained within it seemed to focus into one of three powerful essences; Suffering, Desire, and the most powerful of all Anger. Hecavria shook her head as if to clear her thoughts for the Battle to come.

    Gurtogg Bloodboil

    Blood… it was the key to everything, with it Mannoroth had corrupted the orcs and started the blood curse, Even now, years later, orcs can still stimulate that last faint remnant of the curse Blood Fury to increase their power. Now add the blood of Magtheridon another powerful pit lord into the mix and you come up with something truly formidable; The Fel-Orc, their skin turned red, their teeth and tusks extended, spines growing out of their forearms.

    Yes the demonic orcs of outland are cunning and deadly enemies, none more so than Gurtogg Bloodboil. His corruption was so total and far gone that every wound the Maligned raid force made on his red skin could prove there undoing as the huge Fel-orc used his own blood as a weapon, spraying it on those that were furthest from him. Polluted by the insidious powers of not one but two pit lords, the blood burned through armour and flesh with ease.

    Had it not been for the frantic efforts of the raid’s healers to mend the damage that the Blood Boil caused then Maligned itself would have fallen to the corrupted orc.

    Mother Shahraz

    Even the mighty and powerful servants of Illidan Stormrage, mostly the blood elves had needs and Mother Shahraz was the one to provide them. With her elite Shivan bodyguard she ruled over the Den of Mortal Delights were every imaginable pleasure was provided for.

    So it was no surprise that she was rather angry when her Den along with its many entertainments had been destroyed and that her own bodyguards lay slain on the ground before her. Her rage was only matched by her confusion as the why the group who was responsible for this had stopped before reaching her and where now changing their clothes, it did however giver her ample time to rise from her couch pick up her weapons.

    “So business… or pleasure?” she asked as the first of the group charged towards her.

    The Illidari Council

    They considered themselves to be the most powerful, resourceful, and most capable of all Illidan’s blood elf followers. Early on they had shown far more loyalty to the Betrayer than to their own Prince Kael, which they believed was the reason that they had been chosen to remain within the walls of the Black Temple while Kael and the others had been sent to acquire a lesser target.

    Now the sounds of battle were growing ever closer as they knew that each of their well trained groups of soldiers was falling to whom/what ever was assaulting the temple. The weakness of their kin angered the four council members, but not so much as the knowledge that to have even been able to reach this far the enemy must have slaughtered the entire Den of Mortal Delights.

    When the raiders finally entered their chamber the council exchanged looks of shock that their forces could have been over come by such a small group, in both number and stature, they were tiny.

    “Umm… are they gnomes?” Lady Manade asked.

    “Well they are ugly enough,” snickered Veras Darkshadow the others laughed too.

    “Oh looks like they what to fight,” High Nethermancer Zerevor commented and they all laughed harder. “Let’s show them the door.”

    As they closed in on their tiny opponents a voice yelled out, “Go for the Paladin he is the weak link.”

    “What!!” Gathios the Shatterer yelled outraged. “I’ll Show you who the Weak Link is!!”

    Illidan Stormrage

    He fought in the war of the ancients, side by side with the aspect dragons when they were in their prime, failed in his attempt to deceive Sargeras to obtain the Demon Soul and created the second well of Eternity on Mount Hyjal. For all of these things and more, he was imprisoned, so while the night elves enjoyed their immortality he sat rotting in an underground cell for ten thousand years.

    That could have been the end of it, but the night elves with their skill at making bad decisions, decided to realise him when the Scourge and their legion master attacked them for a second time. Yes he did indeed defeat the ‘leader’ of the scourge in Kalmidor but in the process he turned himself in to a demon, and what did the night elves do when they discovered this? Did they kill him there and then? No they sent him away free to cause havoc on the rest of the world.

    Being a night elf (albeit a slightly demonic one) however Illidan was just as good at make choices as the rest of his race and agreed to help Kil’jaeden in destroying the Lich King, this is he failed to do not once, but twice and fled to Outland, where took up residence within the Black Temple. This he fortified with Naga, Fel-orcs, Ashtongue broken, blood elves and demons that had left the legion to join him. With all these minions he must have decided he was safe from all his enemies…
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