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    ‘I did my best’ the last words uttered by yet another foolish dragon that thought she could take on a enemy more powerful than herself, well if there was one thing the raid force was going to do, they were going to give it more than just their best. Twenty five minds all thinking the same thing – ‘Lets kill that lizard’.

    “Ahh! More lambs to the slaughter!” Brutallis yelled signalling the start of one of the most intense battles that the raiders had ever fought. He slashed and stabbed at them with his blades laughing and taunting them all the time yelling things like “I live for this,” or “Another day another glorious battle.”

    But his brutality was more that matched by his puny foes, fireballs scorched his hide, blades and axes found their way through his tough armoured scales and tore into the soft flesh below, powerful shadow magic infused into his body making him more susceptible to further attacks, his upper torso became riddled with arrows.

    “So much for a Challenge… DIE DIE!” the pit lord roared shaking the walls and the ground around him as he unleashed the most destructive blows that he had ever thrown, but to his horror a tiny figure leapt on to his right blade and hurled himself upwards a gold glowing axe raised high above his head. Then before Brutallis could even think about what was happening the axe dug deep into his neck just under his head, before the weight of its wielder pulled it downwards opening the demon up from head to toe…

    The dust slowly settled as the raid members picked them selves up from the ground one though one remained where he was, black smoke rose gently from his body and his armour seemed to glow with the heat that it had absorbed. As he lay there he became aware that a few others had gathered round him and it seemed were waiting for him to rise.

    “You alright man?” one of them asked as they reach out and help pull him to his feet. “Yeah where on earth did you get that idea from?” another asked he said nothing for a moment as he retrived his axe from the demons corpse.

    “I was thinking, What would Hellscream do,” Davion said with a smile.

    Over two months have passed since we killed Kalecgos and now finally the pit lord who had lost his wings has now lost his life.

    The fight is a serious gear check and much to the bane of the DPS classes demands that they stand there, seldom moving, throwing out the most damage they possibly can - clearly a very upsetting task for them - so that ten million hit points can be removed before he enrages after six minutes and literally starts swatting the raid like flies.

    Fortuntely we have completed that check and can now progress deeper into Sunwell Plateau.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.