cannot get in game

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by hondadylan, December 29th,2012.

  1. hondadylan

    hondadylan Hondadylan

    get to loading screen , chose character but stops about 1/8th from end of loading bar ... happened all day so far , tried different realms and still same . anyone else have a problem ?
  2. Zastin

    Zastin Member

  3. hondadylan

    hondadylan Hondadylan

    ok cheers ty
  4. Garolf

    Garolf Captain Awesome

    yeah total balls tried to get in since 15:00
  5. Rosann

    Rosann Member

    Seems like our friends at Telia having a blast again :) With all love to our western neighbours :p