Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational)

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by tabbi, June 22nd,2010.

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    Hi folks, After much thought I've decided to try make the Saturday 25mans more formal.

    1*) Why change a working system?
    2) What does Casual Maligned mean?
    3) How does the change effect peope?
    4) What exactly are the changes being made?
    Four questions I think that people will be asking.

    1*) At the end of this post will be (I hope) a clear answer for this. Seven weeks worth of people getting out of control if you want a short answer for now.

    2) Casual Maligned is just a random name I chose. I reside in Maligned and the group caters to various people outwith it. Since I'm planning on a formal approach I thought we needed a "Guild" name.

    3) The change will limited the number of players and make it easier for myself to keep track of what we have available. The effect can be looked at from both sides. On the one hand some people might feel hard done by. On the other it doesn't give players false hope.

    4) Changes being made:
    • First off this Scheme is sort of a Guild within a Guild but without the invites. This just means the group will be run like a Guild in terms of Recruitment, Attendance and Rotations weekly but Everyone stays within their current Guilds.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Recruitment: This change means rather than everyone added to the list like in the past but now I will be on the look for specific classes/specs for regular slots.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Attendance: Due to how I'll handle Recruitment I'll be keeping track of peoples attendance. Aim is to have a solid group of players so want players that will help us help you. I'm not looking for people who will be here every saturday but I'm also not looking for someone who decides I'll come this week but won't be around for 2-3 Saturdays after that cause I can't be bothered.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Rotations: This works alongside Recruitment/Attendance. I'm not going to try build a 25man saturday night raiding guild, I'm looking to build a strong pool of players for a raid on Saturday night. Within this pool players will be on a weekly rotation so everyone will have a shot if you are added to the pool.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • The Loot Rules remain the same as has been happening the past Seven weeks.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Player pool will be shorter, Giving the chance of much sooner start times.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • A more strict player pool/raid group, So can start to look at Heroic modes and serious attempts on Lich King.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Improved Pace as everyone will begin to take tactics on board meaning less boss explanation for new people.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Raid times are now slightly modified. 19:45 for invites with 00:00(+1hr if ALL in agreement) end.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Only one of your characters will be available for selection so pick wisely.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Lastly: With these changes I'm considering making a new chat channel. This chat channel will be like LFG but with people from these runs invited to it. With this I see it as like a network for people use in conjunction with 10mans, other 25mans or just random chat. People in the channel will be deemed reliable worthwhile players. With Ruby Sanctum soon and Cata a while after finding the correct players to make runs easier at the search of a chat channel.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]

    If these changes work for you and you are still reading then I'll go on with the Old things.

    Current progress for these runs:
    • Marrowgar(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Lady Deathwhisper(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • *Gunship(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Saurfang(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Rotface(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Festergut(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Putricide(5)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Blood Princes(7)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Blood Queen(4)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Dreamwalker(4)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Sindragosa(2)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Lich King()[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    *= Heroic mode Guaranteed.
    (number)= how many times the boss has died.



    • Raid Invites are start at 19:45 and start time is once we fill the raid. Raid is over at 00:00 (or before if we get all possible bosses down, but no later unless ALL are in agreement).[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Raid does not operate on Gear Score nor Achievement requests.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Loot is distributed via rolls. Loot is linked in chat with (ms) or (os) after it for people to roll. Pay attention to raid chat as late rolls can and will be ignored. BoE items that aren't taken for (ms) or (os) will be raid rolled as will Primordial Saronite. (Each person will be able to roll on only one (ms), if attempts to roll on more than one spec your first item roll will be noted and your roll on the other spec items will be ignored. You can roll again when it gets passed on to (os) if nobody else rolled for (ms).)[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Loot will be one item per boss. You can roll on all items but if you win you can't get more (unless you are the only person interested in all items). If the first item rolled for has a few interested people and you win the roll and the next item you are the only person interested then you will be asked to give the first item to the seconded highest person.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Raid is for some lighthearted fun but with a focus when it comes to bosses. Don't know what to do or want to know more about the bosses, ask and someone will help.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • Raid is not here to boost you. If you aren't willing to put the effort into your character then the raid isn't going to carry you.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • If you can't make the full run, Don't ask to come. If you join and just leave midway through you will have no future part in runs.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]
    • These runs will be Saturday nights every week until we don't have enough interest to continue. If I can't make it for whatever reason I'll try during the week to find a replacement leader for that week.[/*:m:1pb1inmw]


    Melee slots: 10 (2Tanks 1Dps/Tank)
    Ranged slots: 10 (1Dps/Healer)
    Healer slots: 5 (2Paladin 3random that can make full use of the Dps/Healer class)

    If you would like to be considered for a slot then drop a reply here in the form of:

    Name: Yves
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Blood Tank (53/8/10)
    Armory: ... or&cn=Yves
    Downloaded, Installed and Working Teamspeak 3?: Yes (Lie to this question, Turn up and not be able to get on at raid start Forfeit your raid slot and future participation)

    Since this is a new Scheme I ask everyone from the past still interested to re apply for a slot.
    Again due to being a new Scheme currently Recruitment is open for all classes/specs.

    At this time I can only Hope and Pray I haven't destroyed the saturday runs

    And as promised the Answer to the 1*) question:


    * Bignose(TuS)
    * Binford(TRKY)
    * Rokash(TRKY)
    * Tyllua(Mal)
    * Tantrix(TuS)
    * Smacked(OE)
    * Screamin(NA)
    * Vomster(Mal)
    * Intomydreams(PurehaX)
    * Taurine(OE)
    * Yves(Mal)
    * Gallrath(AM)


    * Malfunktion(Mal)
    * Ka(Failboat)
    * Avonaco(Umb)
    * Elysi(Mal)
    * Morgok(Mal)

    MELEE DPS(7)

    * Adams(Mal)
    * Fractured(Mal)
    * Sashish(Mal)
    * Headcleaver(OS)
    * Shadowhunt(OE)
    * Orcsy(Mal)
    * Féz(Conv)
    * Ziggeh(Mal)
    * Katanie(PV)
    * Phaarx(Mal)
    * Teddyursa(Conv)
    * Quamar(TRKY)
    * Samoo(HP)
    * Blackroot(Conv)
    * Shruíkan(Conv)
    * Moohammed(TuS)
    * Divinitush(TuS)
    * Reckoning(NA)
    * Uzî(OE)
    * Mitle(Mal)
    * Ssparky(Conv)
    * Shínobi(TuS)
    * Mairya(Mal)
    * Yadba(TRKY)
    * Beppe(TRKY)
    * Balza
    * Cadrentor(OE)


    * Apolo(Mal)
    * Sar(Mal)
    * Nohealzforu(TuS)
    * Naamsy(Mal)
    * Mokdar(Mal)
    * Yoko(Mal)
    * Routa(Conv)
    * Midha(TRKY)
    * Fadeleaf(NBS)
    * Aggression(TuS)
    * Tenebrís(NA)
    * Malthu(TuS)
    * Moreeni(TRKY)
    * Eclectic(Mal)
    * Galvorn
    * Discofunk(Mal)
    * Odile(Conv)
    * Serix(TuS)
    * Scurvy(TRKY)
    * Sadisty(Mal)


    * Basshamster(Umb)
    * Shingshong(MA)
    * Jaeni(TuS)
    * Szfinx(PurehaX)
    * Grimgorth(Mal)
    * Irez(Mal)
    * Spinnie(Mal)
    * Kaygee(Mal)
    * Charybdis(Juggernaut)
    * Khedan(TRKY)
    * Shenon(Arvisura)
    * Dashwood(NBE)
    * Rob(OE)
    * Micki(Failboat)
    * Littledio(AM)
    * Tullee(Mal)
    * Tabbeh(Mal)
    * Milligann
    * Kalmo(Conv)
    * Articblaze(EM)
    * Firemage(LoH)
    * Vizzie(OE)
    * Torque(OE)
    * Takayama(Mal)
    * Nicolasmage(HHOL)
    * Widglet(OE)
    * Lassulock(Mal)
    * Kawhammy(Mal)
    * Vomitus(Mal)
    * Darkhades(TuS)
    * Tinydancer(TuS)
    * Collide(PurehaX)
    * Morohtar(CL)
    * Zuz(Conv)
    * Brutálchaos(TuS)
    * Darkhinilus(TRKY)
    * Beastyramuel(Mal)
    * Thallen(Mal)
    * Seekerdark(Mal)
    * Ácé(Cleanse)
    * Digestive(Failboat)
    * Mardokk(Mal)
    * Cowhunter
    * Frint(PurehaX)
    * Teralus
    * Gylen(TuS)
    * Stitchee(Umb)
    * Pruadlol(Mal)
    * Daemonhunter(TuS)


    * Varuna:- Morgok, Discofunk, Kawhammy
    * Fallenlinoge:- Thallen, Mokdar, Headcleaver
    * Escensse:- Fractured, Sadisty
    * Tabbi:- Seekerdark, Tabbeh, Yves
    * Guinivere:- Elysi, Tyllua
    * Tzabou:- Vomitus, Vomster
    * Relinor:- Sashish, Mardokk
    * Shínobi:- Shínobi, Tantrix, Ácé
    * Malthu:- Malthu, Gylen
    * Moreeni:- Moreeni, Scurvy
    * Rokash:- Rokash, Yadba
    * Mickanis:- Digestive, Micki
    * Collide:- Collide, Intomydreams
    * Makebelieve:- Taurine, Morohtar, Cowhunter
    * Easton:- Dashwood, Fadeleaf
    * Naamsy:- Naamsy, Orcsy, Mairya
    * Rob:- Rob, Vizzie
    * Ssparky:- Ssparky, Féz

    This answer makes the post extremely too long.

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    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    You can knock my characters off the list if that's easier for you to get an idea of who's available Tabbi. I can only really make the very occasional Saturday.
  6. Marsh

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  7. Mickanis

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  8. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    This is for a sort of Frest start, hence why I'm asking for all to sign up. Clean slate if people can have a respectable attendance and a more balanced pool of players that I won't allow to get out of control :D
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    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    Name: Moreeni
    Class: Shaman
    Spec: Rasta
    Downloaded, Installed and Working Teamspeak 3?: Yes
  12. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    Name: Binford
    Class: Warrior
    Spec: Prot
    Downloaded, Installed and Working Teamspeak 3?: Ja

    yes, but how will that help me you crazy scot :p
  13. stirky

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  14. tabbi

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    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    Because I can quickly type in raid chat ofc when no one understands me on TS :p so if you can read what I write then we are on to a winner!
  15. Zin

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    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    The only scots you hear on TS are me and tabbi's girlfriend/kids
  16. tabbi

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    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    Haha I should put that in the "About the raid" section.
    Don't be scared of the (was going to say random but it's more frequent) Noice on TS, it's for added atmosphere. :D
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    Re: Casual Maligned (Old Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational

    Name: Quamar
    Class: Dudu
    Spec: Feral cat (0/55/16) (Or bear (0/60/11))
    Downloaded, Installed and Working Teamspeak 3?: Yes

    I wasn't entirely sure if This was a sign-up for the upcoming saturday, or if it was more like a genaral sign-up for the "Guild" as you so well put it. In short, I Unfortunately cannot make it this saturday, but I'm very interested in joining future raids.
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