Casual Maligned, Sat 25man raiding.

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    This is the last thread I'll be creating so I'll try keep this post updated and as clean as possible.

    Casual Maligned is a group of random people from various guilds that run ICC25 on Saturday nights. It started out as a everyone welcome but after many weeks the interest was too much, So I changed the invites to make it easier on me and to not waste peoples time. (Reasons for change found here)

    Current Progress stands at:
    • Marrowgar(18)(11)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Lady Deathwhisper(18)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Gunship(18)(18)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Saurfang(18)(5)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Rotface(18)(11)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Festergut(18)(11)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Putricide(16)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Blood Princes(17)(5)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Blood Queen(15)(11)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Dreamwalker(15)(11)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Sindragosa(12)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Lich King(7)[/*:m:34717npc]
    Green(number) = Total kills
    Purple(number) = Total heroic kills



    • Raid Invites are start at 19:45 and start time is once we fill the raid. Raid is over at 00:00 (or before if we get all possible bosses down, but no later unless ALL are in agreement).[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Raid does not operate on Gear Score nor Achievement requests.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Rather than have a massive list of names I will Recruit for positions, This will limit the raid numbers(Meaning one character per person) and will help with not wasting peoples time.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Since I will be Recruiting for positions I will also be tracking peoples Attendance.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Because of Recruitment and Attendance tracking I will be working on Rotations for slots so the raid is never short. But if you are part of the group one week don't expect to be over looked for the next week. People might not be able to make it for whatever reason so you might be required.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • If you know you can't make it one week let me know either in this post, PM or ingame[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Loot is distributed via rolls. Loot is linked in chat with (ms) or (os) after it for people to roll. Pay attention to raid chat as late rolls can and will be ignored. BoE items that aren't taken for (ms) or (os) will be raid rolled as will Primordial Saronite. (Each person will be able to roll on only one (ms), if attempts to roll on more than one spec your first item roll will be noted and your roll on the other spec items will be ignored. You can roll again when it gets passed on to (os) if nobody else rolled for (ms).)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Loot will be one item per boss. You can roll on all items but if you win you can't get more (unless you are the only person interested in all items). If the first item rolled for has a few interested people and you win the roll and the next item you are the only person interested then you will be asked to give the first item to the seconded highest person.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Tier tokens will be distributed on a one per raid basis. Unless there is no interest.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Heroic Tier tokens will be distributed on a one per person basis until everyone of the token has one. (Only obtainable if attended for 3 or more weeks)[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Trinkets: Normal Trinkets open rolling. Heroic Trinkets only obtainable if attended for 3 or more weeks. ALSO with trinkets, if you have obtained a normal version via these runs I'll give priority on heroic versions to people that haven't.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Raid is for some lighthearted fun but with a focus when it comes to bosses. Don't know what to do or want to know more about the bosses, ask and someone will help.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • Raid is not here to boost you. If you aren't willing to put the effort into your character then the raid isn't going to carry you.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • If you can't make the full run, Don't ask to come. If you join and just leave midway through you will have no future part in runs.[/*:m:34717npc]
    • These runs will be Saturday nights every week until we don't have enough interest to continue. If I can't make it for whatever reason I'll try during the week to find a replacement leader for that week.[/*:m:34717npc]


    Melee slots: 10 (2Tanks 1Dps/Tank)
    Ranged slots: 10 (2Dps/Healer)
    Healer slots: 5 (2Paladin 3random that can make full use of the Dps/Healer classes)


    If you would like to be considered for a slot then drop a reply here in the form of:

    Name: Yves
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Blood Tank (53/8/10)
    Armory: ... or&cn=Yves
    Downloaded, Installed and Working Teamspeak 3?: Yes (Lie to this question, Turn up and not be able to get on at raid start Forfeit your raid slot and future participation)

    I will make a point of contacting interested people and letting them know if their name has been added for selection or not.
  2. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Updated the Current Recruitment.
  3. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Post Updated.

    Thanks again all that turned up last night. Not the best raid group by any means but still great commitment to clear the same as last week 11/12 with the 6heroic kills. Also Lich king down to 34% so he will be added to the kills in a week or two no doubt.

    I'd like to apologise to people I never contacted about the run, got stuff going on in RL and wasn't even sure I was going to be around or not. Future raids I will contact all on the list if you are online and keep you updated on slots.
  4. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Lich King Down tonight. Awesome work folks and the group is almost complete to make more progress on heroics.
  5. Bidaum

    Bidaum New Member

  6. Mickanis

    Mickanis New Member

    Just a heads up; I wont be there tonight as i wont be home. And next saturday i'll be out getting drunk (birthday, woop woop) So see ya'll in ICC saturday the 31st
  7. Cad

    Cad Member

  8. Gixmo

    Gixmo Member

  9. Mo

    Mo Well-Known Member

    belated but meni grz to the raidteam!
    (bit gutted I missed that achi...)
  10. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Open Slots updated.
  11. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    A poor run tonight. Group wasn't capable of a LK kill.

    Thanks for the people that bailed us out to even let us get a group and I don't mean to bad mouth but the group just wasn't able. 10 people let me know they couldn't make it so I was prepared for a make shift group but when 9 others don't bother keeping us in the loop it screws not just me trying to organise but the others that do turn up.

    Being a raid rule, could people please keep us informed. Failure in doing so will just mean I remove you from the group and look to recruit a replacement.
  12. samoo

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  13. RAKOD

    RAKOD New Member

  14. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

  15. Latill

    Latill Well-Known Member

    Wedding jitter is over so I will be back on Tullee should you still need a mage :) I understand missing the last 3 runs might put me low on the list tho :p
  16. finalheal

    finalheal New Member

  17. gotrunks

    gotrunks New Member

  18. dinesh

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  19. Greenpiggy

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  20. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Well-Known Member

    Best mage EU
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