Cheers, and untill the next time!

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Ome, April 14th,2016.

  1. Ome

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    Hi ppl.

    Sad as i find it to make these sort of posts. I've been comparably sad on us not raiding anymore for weeks on end now.
    Dont get me wrong, i'm not mad or anything like that. on the contrary, i can very well understand people getting a bit bored, or having other things to do, but alltogether, i still would like to raid some in the remainder of this expansion, and have come into contact with Masters of Mayhem, here on Arathor, just around the corner, progressing in Mythic atm, @Gorefiend, where my old guild left off, before i joined here, a couple of months back.

    Tried them for a week, seems allright n all, n they've offered me to join, and i am not going to refuse the offer.

    I'd like to thank everyone i've raided with here, for your time, patience, effort, and most of all, all the FUN we had here, you're all great players and nice people and i've had a gréat time with you all.

    I'm moving to another guild, but i wont be far, only a whisper away so dont hesitate to poke me, if you see me on :)
    Some of you háve my Btag already, those that dont and would like to: Omie#2941

    Thanks again for the great raiding and progress, and...

    Untill a next time!

    My thanks, regards, and salutations to all of you

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  2. Electronicus

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    Good luck Ome
  3. Nost

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    Farewell lone Goblin!
  4. Flappie

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    See you back at legion then ;)!