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    The Maligned Cataclysm campaign has been underway for nearly a month now and progress has been steady with progress being made every single raid night.

    We started in the Blackwing Descent instance and have cleared our way up to Nefarian but haven’t yet had a real play with our favourite vanilla dragon.

    We have also taken a look at the Throne of the Four Winds beating down the conclave and making some progress on Al’akir.

    Of course we have also completed the Baradin Hold boss several times as well, which provided both little challenge and little raiding loot, but our PVPers are certainly enjoying it.

    Our main progress has been in the Bastion of Twilight in which we have now killed Cho’gall on normal mode.

    The shift to Cataclysm raiding has certainly been interesting with few abilities to one shot our tanks, but obviously each encounter does have a few interesting mechanics to work our way around but once we have those worked out the challenge hasn’t been that great, but I am sure the heroic versions will be a substantial step up.
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    Great job, Maligned all the way!
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