Complaint from Maligned member

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Baraccus, January 2nd,2007.

  1. Baraccus

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    Following a recent complaint from a Maligned member about the conduct of an Aedis Mortiferi member, (who is currently on trial), I can confirm that the AM member has been spoken to and warned about his future conduct. Should any further issues arise from the said member, please inform myself, or any of our other guild officers.

    Out of courtesey I wanted to let whoever is concerned know the matter is in hand.


    Officer, Aedis Mortiferi.

    PS. I am fully aware of the major inuendoes contained in the above post.
  2. Konjin

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    What did Rurik spout off about this time?
  3. Baraccus

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    Not Rurik, can't rem the guy's name, (too lazy to check guild boards.)