Conclave of Dead!

Discussion in 'News' started by Varuna, May 10th,2011.

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  1. Varuna

    Varuna Well-Known Member

    Some people love it, some people hate it (okay everyone hates it), but regardless it's dead and I'm pretty sure only one or two people gouged out their own eyeballs in the process.


    8/12 heroic now and recruiting one dps with a tank offspec and one healer. You know you want to feature as a badly drawn stick figure on our kill shots. Get applying.
  2. Greenpiggy

    Greenpiggy Well-Known Member

    Who is the guy in green to the right of the bottom one and what is he raping?
  3. Gnarl

    Gnarl Well-Known Member

    That's Super Romiepoo with AMS :D
  4. Varuna

    Varuna Well-Known Member

    You can tell you've been away some time Piggy. That's a perfect representation of Romie in his anti-magic shell! Romie in his anti-magic shell bumming an unsuspecting victim. Or holding a big axe. One or the other.
  5. Krill

    Krill Well-Known Member

    TBH to me it looks like Romie in an AMS with a head protruding out of his arm.
  6. Romie

    Romie Well-Known Member

    Do nawt mess with mah AMS! >:O

    And on a sidenote, I'm cute too!
  7. Farx

    Farx Maligned Member

    Grats on the progress guys.
  8. aeon

    aeon Well-Known Member

    Well done guys!
  9. Scarlettusk

    Scarlettusk Well-Known Member

    Grats guys! Awesome quick progress on it really.
  10. Dunderbamse

    Dunderbamse Well-Known Member

    Well done guys, keep it up!
  11. Romie

    Romie Well-Known Member

    Tjompa <3
  12. Dunderbamse

    Dunderbamse Well-Known Member

    Br0mi3 <3
  13. Moonstrider

    Moonstrider Maligned Member

    Awesome job guys!
  14. Carlow

    Carlow Member

    another plus..with ever kill your paint skill improves ;)
  15. Latill

    Latill Administrator Staff Member

    Please don't encourage them !!!!! :p
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