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    Their skeletal talons passed inched over his head as Fallenlinoge rolled under their attacks, no sooner was he back on his feet than they were striking at him again. This time he used his shield to protect himself from the hail of blows that they launched against him. A quick glance over his shoulder told him that his allies were now pulling the other undead that their foe had spawned into one location so with a powerful push he knocked the monster assailing him and ran toward the growing group.

    As the reached the spot the ground beneath his feet had been sanctified by another of his order and instantly the undead switched their focus to this new threat. Making a quick exit he found himself standing next to Gnarl one of his oldest friends who was in the middle of hurling seed of shadow energy at the skeletons, moments later they exploded showering the pair in shards of bones. Form above them there was a roar of anger that echoed off the high walls.

    “All Right here she comes again!” Greenpiggy yelled. “Everyone, get back to your positions.”

    “It going to take me hours to get my hair cleaned,” Fallenlinoge complain to his friend. “Oh and look what they did to my shield I just got it polished.”

    “Ah shut up pretty boy,” Gnarl laughed punching him in the shoulder. “Better get to you spot,” he added pointing at the descending undead dragon. “We are not done here.”

    Still grumbling the blood elf paladin rejoined his group.

    Some bosses really make every effort to make life hard, Felmyst is one of them. To start with, she hits like she means it, randomly attacks players, makes everyone run around and then has the nerve to take off and start breathing all over the place - naturally spawning many skeletons.

    This is certainly a fight that demands you be at your keyboard and paying attention or she will punish you and everyone else in the raid. Alas like all the bosses we have faced so far, her fate was inevitable and with a single percent left when she took off we knew that if we could just last another wave of skeletons and three more breaths then we would be victorious.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.