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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Xecute, June 11th,2007.

  1. Xecute

    Xecute Member

    yesterday i found a simple macro on the nihilum forums which makes sure lyou always fire your auto shot after and before a steady

    /castsequence reset=3 Auto Shot, Steady Shot

    as i continued to read the topic various shot rotations were listed optimized for 2.5 attack speed or slower weapons

    i started to mess around with the macrobulding in kill command for some more dps looking like this

    /castsequence reset=3 Auto Shot, Steady Shot
    /cast kill command

    but as i tryed to implement some shots in it i finished with the perfect one fingered raid hunter macro including a complete rotation

    /castsequence reset=3 Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Multi-shot, Auto Shot, Steady shot, Auto shot, steady shot, arcane shot, auto shot, steady shot

    im curious about your opinion piggy ,test it on raids and tell me how t works out for you,i get a 950-1050 dps range based dmg on boom as a single target with only non improved hawk on
  2. Greenpiggy

    Greenpiggy Well-Known Member

    I'll PM you, this is far too Geek for the Inn ;)
  3. Booze

    Booze Well-Known Member

    Geek alert! everyone run for the pitchforks and flaming torches!!
  4. Greenpiggy

    Greenpiggy Well-Known Member

    I have tried these out in raids and they have certain difficulties, especially for a Marksmanship spec.

    Lets look at your current sequence:
    You're using a Wrathtide Longbow which means your hasted speed is 2.61
    This puts your complete macro sequence at about 10.4 seconds
    A complete Multishot fire and cooldown takes 10.5 seconds, so there's going to be a small amount of autoshot clipping in that sequence(but i guess that some lag may take care of that for you anyway)
    In addition, you're using Arcane shot once in 10.44 seconds - considering the cooldown is 6 seconds, thats a fair bit of lost dps(If not BM you *have* to cycle in Arcane in order to get a decent dps sequence, hence more mana usage)
    If you weren't using a macro you could vary the sequence and would end up using arcane shot a lot more often(probably)
    Something like this:
    If you look through that sequence you'll see that it makes more use of Arcane while delaying the cast of Multi marginally
    The downside is that you could never macro this sequence as the cooldowns conflict and start to overlap, so any macro would break down after 1 or 2 cycles(or at least get horribly delayed)

    Point 1 - Latency
    Now i don't know how bad your latency is but mine tends to run around the 100ms mark
    Point 2 here is haste effects:
    Your macro is 10.4 seconds long, I noticed from the armoury that you have a dragonspine trophy equipped, when that thing procs you get an additional 20%? (- correct if wrong) haste which basically causes BIG problems with that macro
    Firstly, with Marksmanship sequences, you are totally constrained by the GCD of your shots as to how fast you can fire them, you are trying to fit a steady/multi in between 2 autoshots you can never fire those 2 shots faster than 2 seconds, so with an extra 20% haste and a corresponding hasted autoshot speed of 2.15 you're going to run into massive trouble with trying to thread those 2 specials - it might still equate to a boost in dps, but the delays it causes your autoshot means its a marginal one at best
    For Rapid Fire: Read the above but twice as bad
    Of course there is the option to disable the macro when haste effects are active and switch back to a simple priority list for the duration, is that worth it? - up to you to test i suppose.

    The other point with that macro is 'what if you move?'
    You have a reset 3 command in there, if you fire an autoshot, have to move for 3 seconds(think cavein on Gruul) and then stand still again, the macro is going to do nothing but twitch your bow a bit for 8 seconds waiting for your Multi cooldown to come back around.

    Anyway, to summarise:
    Does this spam macro make your life easier? Yes
    Does it(used exclusively) give you maximum dps? No
    Is it highly useful in certain situations? Definitely
  5. Xecute

    Xecute Member

    i didnt noticed delays if the haste effects are up,i even frapsed one dps test but im thankfull for the explanation was just messing around out of boredom i didnt know this could ever work untill today

    anyways if u ever consider speccing bm to be the dps topper on swstats just use the simple first line posted as first combined with /use kill command
  6. Greenpiggy

    Greenpiggy Well-Known Member

    It would work a lot better for a BM spec as you almost exclusively Steady/Auto spam in a raid with proper armour stripping giving you a much simpler macro and less cockup potential with haste effects.
  7. Xecute

    Xecute Member

    yeah but i hate the damn pet just cant stand it ,needs food alot of attention dies alot i cant force myself playing bm on raids even if i know proven for sure that it tops every dmg meter to the moment
  8. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Gosh Piggy, you certainly do have an enviable command of all things hunter.
    I wish I could be more like you.

    What time is it?.....
  9. Xecute

    Xecute Member

    less qq more pew pew rati ,Piggy is the Bill Gates of hunters on arathor

    people even whisp him from x realms for his wisdom

    ok ill take my tongue out of his....
  10. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

    And me he charges 1g / tip!!! Bastard[/u]
  11. Greenpiggy

    Greenpiggy Well-Known Member

    I get no x-server fans :(
    They probably all go bug Lactose on Talnivarr
  12. Azog

    Azog Veteran

    So if the autoshot speed of 2.15 allows you to fire those 2 shots faster than 2 seconds in addition to using Arcane shot once in 10.44 seconds... Oh look I've gone cross-eyed... :lol:
  13. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    I really need to stop sucking up to you so much.....
  14. Xecute

    Xecute Member

    my cpu power supply exploded 2 days ago,and took moust things inside my cpu with it like processor motherboard ram and vga card,so i needed to replace them now i get 50-60 fps turning all the time 360 degree in the middle of shattrath with full grapfics on,amazing
  15. Greenpiggy

    Greenpiggy Well-Known Member

  16. Grazoth

    Grazoth Well-Known Member

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