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Discussion in 'News' started by Varuna, March 18th,2011.

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  1. Varuna

    Varuna Well-Known Member

    I imagine it's been all over Sky News but in case anyone has missed it, Maligned has been through some tumultuous times lately.

    Our roster has taken quite a hit but that may not have been an entirely bad thing. We've been through the wringer but we've kept a strong core of long time members and shall now be focussing upon 10 man raiding.


    Our goals here are the same as they have ever been, to raid at a competitive level and be competing with other progress oriented guilds. 10 man raiding will take some time to adapt to but we believe we have what it takes and, without exception, our remaining raiding members are looking forward to the challenge.

    Wish us luck!

    PS - Recruitment is closed for the time being. Our 10 man roster is complete.

    (exceptionalapplicationswillalwaysbeconsidered etc etc).
  2. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Maligned Member

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