Haihai! request to send big ugly Eredar back home!

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Arile, July 22nd,2009.

  1. Arile

    Arile Maligned Member

    Sorry for crashing in ,but i (Arile) wanna attempt to make a Sunwell raid next saterday (25th) at 15:00.
    Wanna make this raid not to painfull and wanna give people chance to revisit this place and ofc. let rerollers get there chance to do it on the characther they always wanted to.
    For me not being able to get numbers in my own guild (Umbrage)to launch a full raid that is interested, i am asking here to hopefully get atleast a number of people decent enough to clear the place.
    If interested please let me know. :)
  2. Lassulock

    Lassulock Well-Known Member

    Hey Arile,
    if I manage to get online, feel free to throw me an inv. (i have full t6!)
  3. Booze

    Booze Well-Known Member

    :duck: me me :banana:
  4. Guinivere

    Guinivere Well-Known Member

    I can come on my Shaman! I've cleared it before on my Druid so I won't be dragging long or anything :D and I'm off work!
  5. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    You know I'll be there :)
  6. Electronicus

    Electronicus Administrator Staff Member

    If I am about I would surely be up for it. Managed to lead a pug through there a while back, Felmyst... well somehow we did it, but the rest was a little... shoulda left the memories of agony untarnished to be honest.

    Gifv legendaries!
  7. Shemzy

    Shemzy Maligned Member

    I should probably be online!
  8. Lassulock

    Lassulock Well-Known Member

    Will be a bit late, 10 min or so
  9. Arile

    Arile Maligned Member

    Thanks for the people coming and making this run fast and easy! :)
  10. Booze

    Booze Well-Known Member

    Indeed and thanks for organizing it, I'll gladly do it again.