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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Sylth, October 28th,2009.

  1. Sylth

    Sylth Member

    Some of you know me as syltherien and some of you know me with my alliance rogue Nightelfgr.
    I am currenty farming out for battlemaster tittle and i am off 3 hard achievements that i require a premade to do.These are the perfect storm (win eots to 2000 to 0),defence of the ancients (dont lose a wall in sota) and not even a scratch (dont lose a vehicle in sota).
    You would wonder why i bother posting to you since u are hordies but i would like to ask if you are interested to form a premade from horde side and tag together with my alliance one in the same bg.
    In return im offering to either do the same achievements for your premade or donate to your guild bank some crusader orbs i got on my paladin along with some money or even both its up to you to choose.

    Anyway im planning to do this as soon as possible so i was thinking saturday around 1800 game time would be nice to do.The time is optional and can be discussed should you accept to help.If not guess i should try around other guilds on the server :)

    Thank you for your time reading this post and looking forward to hear your answers
  2. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    I'll help only if you explain why your rogues name is so terrible.
  3. Sylth

    Sylth Member

    cause erm i got no imagination i cant think of names and i just renamed to a crap one again but i love it!
  4. Grimgorth

    Grimgorth Well-Known Member

    iirc, you kicked my ass with two warglaives in BC......GTFO! ;)
  5. Sylth

    Sylth Member

  6. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    Give us a time and a date and i'll pull as many people as I can from my endless list of contacts and fake-friends ( followers and fanbois ) and anyone else who volunteers here.
  7. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Still after not even a scratch as well, so a trade sounds good
  8. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed Maligned Member

    Sounds good for me too, I actually care a little about the battleground achievements.
  9. Saiyani

    Saiyani Well-Known Member

    If I'm online I'm in.
  10. Zin

    Zin Well-Known Member

    you all suck. my priest has em all and shes only been alive for like a few months
  11. Sylth

    Sylth Member

    nice to see there is interest from your side :)

    to answer Escensse's question,i was thinking to it this saturday october 31 around 1800 game time since you might not be raiding or something?tell me if that time sounds ok so i can post on my guilds forum to get some ppl.Also ill need to know who will be the leader horde side so we can talk and press join as a group together (hope this will queue us on the same after some tries or even on first :) )
  12. Hisui

    Hisui Active Member

    Also. Gankgr? REALLY? Yeah be happy to help.
  13. Sylth

    Sylth Member

    tnx aza! :p also Escensse or Diora plx do the invites or something :D