Heroic Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

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    Leader of the Zandalar trolls' assault on the vaults, Gara'jal is determined to crack open this trove of ancient mystery and bring back whatever arcane power and knowledge he can find. Gifted with dark talents and surrounded by a loyal cadre of Zandalar mystics, he has broken through the outer walls and will not rest until the vaults belong to him.


    So on our third attempt over after carefully working out who would take totems, we killed Gara'jal for our third new encounter killed (if you count the hilariously easy Elite encounter) and our third heroic kill overall in fairly quick sucession.

    Another DPS race that turned out to be nothing, although we should already somewhat overgear the encounter.

    Next up, we face Elegon or Blade Lord Ta'yak, two fights that need perfect execution even at this stage, before the real progress starts with the next patch.
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