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    The Burning Legion, a vast host of demons thousands if not millions strong, it was an unstoppable army of death and destruction. Its Burning Crusade against all of creation had consumed innumerable worlds and would devour countless more, nothing could prevent stop it… well almost nothing.

    A single small blue and green world shone like a jewel in the cold darkness of the void, it had been created by the Pantheon the rulers of the most powerful race in the universe the Titans. Because of this it became a target for the Legions creator and commander Sargeras a fallen titan and once the great being had move on from the fledgling world the demons fell upon it like wolfs on sheep.

    But then the unthinkable happened, the Legion was defeated not once but three times with each loss more devastating than the last. First they tried using the Highborne but this group was defeated by the dragons and night elf rebels and as a result were cast into the sea. After that the demons used the orcs a race which had been corrupted on a distant world, but they were not only defeated but their world of Draenor was destroyed.

    Lastly they had used the unending host of undead they called the Scourge, but once again their war ended in defeat and Archimonde the commander of the legions armies was destroyed leaving it with only one leader left Kil'jaeden, who now sought another way to destroy the world that had stood in the path of the Burning Crusade.

    Once again he decided to use the ever magic hungry elves to achieve his goal this time they called themselves the blood elves and he manipulated their leader Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider into opening a gate way via the Sunwell, this time however it was not for an army of lesser demons but the Deceiver himself.

    So, the game is finished for Maligned once more - at least for another month. Although the content is now nerfed I think the satisfaction of the kill was still there. Learning the fight - which gets far more difficult as it goes through its five phases - on our second night of focused attempts really shows the quality of Maligned's raiders. It is soon time to board the zeppelin and head to Northrend. See you on the other side!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.