Lei Shen dead, Throne of Thunder Normal cleared

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    "Pandaria, her hills of gold, in dark and mournful times of old, did once a hopeless horror hold. When from her sacred vale did spring, with storm and flash, a monstrous thing, his name, Lei Shen, the Thunder King."
    - Lorewalker Cho


    So there we go twelve for twelve on twenty-five man. It did take longer than I was hoping for but after a lull in the middle of the content we have cleared the last 3 bosses last week (Lei Shen on 10 man last week) and then repeated this week with a full clear.

    I wanted to come into this tier as strong as possible and the gear up with the Outland shadows folks was progressing well, we also merged with Umbrage to bring our roster up to around forty, so even more gear up was needed, this was done I think the week before the patch so more work than we had time for was needed, but we started strong and now the gear up for 522 ilevel is progressing nicely. We have also seen many rerolls as both our tanks retired at the end of the last tier and of course merging three guilds into one you will find that some roles need to change anyway, but things are mostly settled and we have an army of hybrid players to help fill in the gaps.

    This was our third night of attempts on the boss, I guess ultimately eight hours of standing in-front of him, with a few attempts in-between. The vast majority of our raiding roster has now seen the encounter but we seemed to be slightly curse with good weather this month so ultimately got the kill using two veterans or ex-raiders (cheers guys!).

    Ultimately, we got our kill by surviving the first transition, meeting the DPS requirement to get to the second transition, the first attempt we ever reached this point we had no issues there and literally danced sideways through to victory.

    Now time to start thinking about heroics but they are obviously a step up so we might have to make sure we can use our twelve hours of raiding a week to make sure we clear the place.

    Apologies for the shit screenshot, they will improve.
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    Congrats everyone!