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    This comic was really fun in the beginning but sadly now it doesnt facinate me anymore. He should have sticked with the way he made the first part.
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    Another superb series that unfortunately can only be found in german nowadays is Heroes of Wow or Shakes and Fidget. http://www.shakesandfidget.com Evidently an english version of the site is in the works with the translated comics. But the humor is pure gold. =)
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    Finally my 5 years of german teachings pay off

    Edit: And here is what you do on the alliance side if you are in lack of weapons! You might not understand the words, but you`ll get it ;)

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    i know this german side for almost 2 years now, and im sure i posted a link to an engllish translation a year ago when i finally found it


    Edit: looks like they made their own homepage and noone is allowed to show their pics now
    the link i posted was from worldofwar.net, where it cant be found any longer, and the german side it was on says they dont have a licence
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    Yeah, I recognise that art style from a WoW comic from a year or so ago. They did a really good Ragnaros one, if I recall.
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