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Discussion in 'News' started by Electronicus, August 5th,2010.

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  1. Electronicus

    Electronicus Hunter Staff Member

    Hours, days, weeks and months, it feels like an eternity since we started our campaign against the heroic Lich King, since April 12th we have been working hard to find a tactic that worked for us and tonight after knowing it was inevitable for the last two weeks, with some minor chages, we finally got him down for a server first.

    We knew early on that we were going to need do use only five healers as even with a 10% buff when we started learning this fight, it was going to be a hell of a DPS race. It didn't take too long to beat phase one even without using the now defunct AVR encounters it was really phase two that had us stuck for quite some time.

    Anyone that has done the fight in any variety will know that defiles can play havoc. Throw in the fact you need to take 1.5 million HP over three valkyrs before they throw your comrades off the edge of the platform and it requires absolute focus. Even this not the hardest part. The phase has an irritating point when the second defile is imminant, so are the valkyrs and either could come first. We managed a workable tactic for this two weeks ago and somewhat perfected it this evening. The following event certainly helped (I am sure those that have done the encounter will understand):


    Phase 3, with it's enrage timer ticking down, is more of a reward. We always thought it was going to be a crazy hectic experience, but after very few attempts we soon got into the flow and triggered the 10% event.

    As well as receiving two ilevel 284 weapons, a heroic token, we also had the priviledge of getting the Lich King's heroic mount Invincible, after a complicated selection process (rolls!) Farxx was awarded our first. He did not drop a shadowfrost shard.

    While only twenty five of us were in the raid, everyone that has raided with Maligned in Icecrown, past and present, should feel proud that they have also played a big part in helping us with this incredible achievement, some of us have been raiding seven days a week in both official and unofficial raids to ensure that we were as prepared as possible.

    Here are some fun facts mostly made up on the spot although they won't be that far from the truth:

    • While it took us five months since our initial Putricide kill, we only(!) spent 23 raid nights on the encounter.
    • We spent approximately 110,000 gold in guild repairs.
    • We used ~460 fish feasts to achieve our kill, as well as individual food stuffs.
    • We used ~2,300 flasks and ~4,600 potions over this period just on this encounter.
    • No animals were harmed in the killing of the Lich King.
    Halion heroic remains and while we have had a quick play we didn't want to lose focus of our main goal, with that out of the way its time to play with the purple dragon. Zin recorded our Lich King heroic encounter so you can expect the annotated video in a few days. I don't care about spelling mistakes.

    Lastly I would like to extend a massive thank you to those that sent whispers of congratulations (and to laugh at those that said we didn't deserve it!). Obviously the moments following the kill were pretty damn hectic and we were still full of adrenaline, apologies to those that I didn't reply to!
  2. Emille

    Emille Well-Known Member

    congrats Maligned!
  3. Electronicus

    Electronicus Hunter Staff Member

  4. xeowyn

    xeowyn New Member

    A big congratulations, well done!
  5. Danan

    Danan New Member

    Made an account on your site just to say congratulations! :D

    I cant even imagine how hard it must be to achieve this... I've only managed 1 kill of the LK on 10man normal -.-

    Congratulations on being the undisputed server #1 (probably for some time now)

    Bask in your own glory :)

    Danan the gnome of Synchronicity
  6. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Well-Known Member

    :D Mega thanks to current and future congratulators.

    Also, is that Danan as in Paul Danan? If so can we please meet to discuss my possible partaking in Celebrity Love Island? We could also go catch a show if it took your fancy.
  7. Danan

    Danan New Member

    I really wish I could say yes I am Paul Danan so that you could go on your love island... but on the other hand as Paul Danan is a massive chav I'd rather not!

  8. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Well-Known Member

    Dissapoint :duck:
  9. Danan

    Danan New Member

    If it makes you happier, I will let you believe I am Paul Danan, but I will never engage in any homoerotic roleplay... no matter ho much you bribe me

  10. Varuna

    Varuna Well-Known Member

    I'm still fist pumping furiously.
  11. Lassulock

    Lassulock Well-Known Member

    Big grats girls and boys (and Bobby)!
    F*ck the Valkyrs, warlock domination :)
  12. Duckmistress

    Duckmistress Well-Known Member

    Amazing job to all. Felt really good and it still does.
  13. aeon

    aeon Well-Known Member

    Nice post elec. Where did you get all those amusing stats ?
  14. Electronicus

    Electronicus Hunter Staff Member

    A few of us worked them out
  15. Endar

    Endar New Member

    Great job guys, well done!

    I got some more fun numbers if anyone is interested:
    Assuming you got him down from about 460 attempts (fish feasts or raid days x 20), RM has made about 80 attempts so far. Looking at their raiding schedule, assuming 2 progress raids (40 attempts) / week, and also assuming that around the same amount of attempts will be required to down him, they won't be getting heroic LK down for atleast 2 more months... Ouch.
    So it would seem that the nr. 2 spot is still pretty open.

    Congrats guys once more, thats one hell of a difficult encounter.
  16. Electronicus

    Electronicus Hunter Staff Member

    Well I don't know about that, every time the instance got buffed we saw noticible changes so that speed things up a bit.
  17. Endar

    Endar New Member

    Yeah, the ICC buff can screw those calculations up by quite a lot. Nevertheless I still think RM has a lot of LK wipes ahead of them and the server 2nd spot is ripe for the taking.
  18. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    I rocked out on my in-game calculator then elec did the flasks.
  19. Mo

    Mo Well-Known Member

    Yes you are to be congratulated, my friend, we, we live in an age where illness and deformity are common place and yet Ploppy, you are without a doubt the most repulsive individual that I have ever met. I would shake your hand but I fear it would come off.

    (and of course congratulations to the 25 HCLK-heroes and everyone else who have worked hard in ICC!)
  20. Deggy

    Deggy New Member

    Nice one Ladies and Gents!

    It must be hard doing LK Heroic with 24 and Bobby!
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