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    We will be testing Loot Council instead of running Personal atleast for the first week or two to see how we get on, We will use people with an Impartial view to loot that most people will trust once I've had a word with them I will confirm who those people will be.

    We do require you to have the addon installed so you can decide if you Need the item / Greed the item / Off-spec / Pass and then you can also put a note in with the item if you specifically have a requirement for something over someone else like it may complete your 4 set bonus or it may be a relic with the specfic weapon talent you are focusing on.

    If you're quite skeptical to how it will work,

    This video will demonstrate how it is run but I will be having it setup so you only need to have it installed.


    If you do not have it downloaded it will not allow you to roll for loot.