Maligned alt raid (maybe) thread.

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Holymac, November 24th,2015.

  1. Holymac

    Holymac Administrator

    Post the alt you'd want to brings class/spec and ilvl, we'd prolly start on normal so say like 685 min ilvl.
  2. Melithera

    Melithera Maligned Member

    Hi Holymac,

    I would like to bring Happle, my Warlock. He currently has an item level of 695, and his specs are affliction and destruction, apparently.

    Alternatively, if were short of tanks and/or healers, I would be willing to try out another class.

    Does either of those options sound acceptable?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,
  3. Tott

    Tott Maligned Member

    Tôtt - Warrior/Protection/ilvl 697
    Tött - Druid/Guardian/ilvl 693
    Tótt - Paladin/Protection/ilvl 691
    Tõtt - Death Knight/Blood/ilvl 690

    Can bring every tanking class depending what we need.
  4. Kieron

    Kieron Maligned Member

    Here are a list over all my alts, i can bring whatever we need (except i only have range/melee dps, no tanks or healers)
    prefer to bring a range dps for alt runs, just to have a change from Kieron ;-)

    Jaysek - Mage/Frost ilvl 681
    Grimmtotem - Shaman/Elemental ilvl 697
    Grimmblood - Warlock/Destruction ilvl 689
    Sumendar - Hunter/Beastmaster ilvl 687
    Tesin - Rogue/Combat ilvl 676
    Ridek - Warrior/Fury ilvl 682
    Kuor - Priest/Shadow ilvl 682
    Unihorn - Druid/Feral ilvl 641
    Klysus - Paladin/Retribution ilvl 691
    Puhjing - Monk/Windwalker ---
    Phaon - Paladin/Retribution ---

    Kind Regards,
  5. Nost

    Nost Maligned Member

    My Disc/Shadow Priest is at 695 ilvl. Happy to heal/dps with him depending on numbers :)
  6. minoss

    minoss Maligned Member

    If possible I'd love to come on
    Silena - Druid - Tank (Guardian) iLvL 692
    If not I have those ALTS aviable:
    Frittzcoke - Rogue - Melee dps (Combat) iLvL 691
    Okrum - Warlock - Ranged dps (Destruction/Affliction) iLvL 690
    Chomano - Monk - Tank (Brewmaster) iLvL 693
    My retardin isn't geared enought.
  7. Moonstrider

    Moonstrider Maligned Member

    I don't have any lvl 100 alts at the moment. But could if needed join on my main as well.
  8. Farx

    Farx Maligned Member

    I'll come along on my ret pally as soon as it's geared enough.
  9. Flappie

    Flappie Maligned Member

    Dribbles - Restoration Druid iLvl 687
    Elinea - Holy Paladin iLvl 684
    Zeniki - Disc Priest iLvl 682

    Rest is not close to 685
  10. Kizax

    Kizax Maligned Member

    Hmm havent played my alts a lot this expansion, i can prolly get them shined up a bit fairly easy. Be warned im a terrible tank who uses my cd´s whenever they look shiny. Prolly a better idea to have me heal.
    DK - Blood - ilvl 683
    Druid - Resto - ilvl 676
  11. Ome

    Ome Maligned Member

    I got a few other chars i could bring,
    Omebagger, 734il Ret/721prot paladin
    Gratzmon,-695 arcane mage

    I have a warlock, priest, and 'soon to ding 100'boomkin, on 675ilvl-ish (upgraded baleful stuff wit ha crafty here or there.. nothing amazing) idk either char well enough to bring them to a raid. And 2 'spies' on Alliance, 700ilvl ret pala(Ome) and a 699ilvl resto shaman (Omé). I know atleast Kiz' to 'hold spies on the other faction'. Dno if there's more of you ^^
  12. Nost

    Nost Maligned Member

    Will there be an alt raid on Tuesday this week?