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    If you wish to apply to us, please do so using the form below. This post may be old, but it's as relevant today in 2013 as it was in 1974 when I first wrote it. Please note that “txtsp3ak” or the sheer mention of ‘gear score’ makes us want to claw our eyes out with a rusty spoon, for more information if you find yourself feeling a little Maligned you can check to make sure you really are - here.

    The form is a simple one, but we do expect effort to be put into completing it, many have fallen at the first hurdle of making a bad impression, don’t be one of them!

    Here is an overview of what we expect on our application form. Don’t copy this part for your application, but rather the bit in a pretty box below, our example text is lovely but we don’t like to see it over and over with every application.


    YOUR NAME: We are of course making the assumption that you are not some kind of feral child that was discovered by the guy that played Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings. It may also help us ascertain if you are in fact a ‘Real Life GURL’ and forward on such information to Raspi.

    NATIONALITY: Austrian is not a real nationality, we know this and we're not going to be fooled. Maligned has members from all over Europe and the little bits outside of it.

    AGE: We don’t have a minimum or maximum requirement as such, but Maligned is a very grown up guild with many adult words being thrown around, we also like to feel good when we learn that people older than us are still playing games.

    ABOUT YOURSELF: Do you like to torture puppies? Have you ever been stuck in a lift with any members of the Greek royal family? This is the place to tell us, because we will find out eventually – we always do.

    YOUR CHARACTER: So what is your character called and what other information can you give us about it such as class and specification. What made you choose this class? Please include a link to the armory especially if it contains some of those weird characters that are purely exist to annoy others.

    GEAR: Many gear setups speak for themselves, but other times we see things that make us wonder what is going on, if you feel there is anything non-standard about your enchants/gem/gear choices please let us know.

    RAID & GUILD EXPERIENCE: Did you poke C'thun in Vanillla? Or destroy Illidan during the Burning Crusade? Have you tickled the Lich King Heroic? What is your experience with end game content with other guilds? Why would you leave these inferior guilds? What is your experience as a player?

    WORLD OF LOGS & SCREENSHOTS You can lie to everyone but the bull, some kind of reference to saying you are a good cowboy, but are actually lying. While you may feel you are god’s gift, hard data will prove it – that and we also love statistics, a screenshot will also give us a good impression of your raiding ability and comfort with addons.

    TEAMSPEAK & ADDONS: Maligned uses Teamspeak3 for raids as typing is just so old fashioned, are you able to both listen and if needed talk on Teamspeak? Don’t be shy. Sometimes we also require that raid members install and use addons for various encounters specific to one or more fights as well as various popular boss addons are you ok with this? What addons can’t you do without?

    RAID ATTENDANCE: During times of progression, we typically raid on Wednesday, Sunday, and Tuesday. All days from 9pm to 11pm server time Sunday will be 8pm to 11pm. You will be expected to attend at least 2 of these days and a litle bit more to keep 80% attendance. Do you think you will be online and available to raid during these times?

    OTHER SPECS: What sets of gear do you have besides the one shown on your armory? If you feel inclined to tell us about your season 2 PVP gear, resist, although we do have many members that are active in the arena so if you do have decent and current arena gear mention it here. In addition, as a smaller roster of players we often need to have players use different specs for different fights as needed, could you be one of those players should it apply?

    TECHNICAL STUFF: How is your connection and your PC? You might be awesome but you won't be much good if you disconnect just as you get Conflagrate on the Eredar Twins fight, while dancing with Heigan or something a little more relevent to current progression. Generally during progression a drop in frame rate or a disconnect will get you killed and maybe even cause a wipe which we really frown on.

    ANYTHING ELSE: Post anything else you think we might like to know here.


    Please note that your application can either be submitted privately or publically. We prefer the latter but appreciate that some might not want their future plans to be common knowledge. Submitting publically will of course make it available to anyone with internet, if you submit privately we will respect that and no member of Maligned will speak with current trials or anyone outside the guild. Submitting in either manner will not hinder or expedite the process.

    To submit publically, simply post your completed application to this forum.

    To submit privately, please send your application as a private message to Latill

    An Armory link must be provided - Applications without will be instanty rejected.
    A screenshot (preferably in a raiding environment) must be provided - Applications without will be instantly rejected.
    Logs of some sort must be provided if you are currently raiding on the character you are applying with - Applications without logs (or a good explaination as to why you are unable to provide them) will be instantly rejected. Note however, that the fact your current guild don't record logs is not a valid reason. If this is the case make a log of your own for us to look at.

    As you should know from reading our 'Read this First!' post, you will be unable to provide links if it's your first time posting on our boards, so public application links should be provided in a reply to your original application post.

    Please copy and paste all the text between the code tags as the baseline for your application, replacing the placeholders with your answers, good luck! You get bonus points if it doesn't look terrible when you post it.

    Please also remember that if you post your "private" application in a public place, everyone will be able to see it.
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