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    When the Titans left this world they charged its keeping to the dragons, so the Aspects were created: Alexstrasza, the Life Binder – Nozdormu, the Timeless one – Ysera, the Dreamer – Malygos, the Spellweaver – and finally Neltharion, the Earth Warder. At the time it must have made sense since dragons were most likely the finest and greatest of the creator creatures, but now with the benefit of Hindsight maybe it was not such a good idea.

    First Neltharion proved to be to weak minded to resist the whispering of the Old Gods and created a device which not only stripped his fellow aspects of much of their power but was key in their plans to escape from the prisons that the Titians themselves had place them in, luckly though thanks to the ‘lesser races’ he failed.

    Now thousands of years later it seems that Malygos has gone the same way, after recovering for a long bout of insanity the great blue dragon has seen that magic is being used daily by thousands of mages, warlock, shaman, paladins and many more, so he has decided that the only sane course of action is to declare war on all of them fearing that they will bring the burning legion back to Azeroth, ingenious.

    Now yet again its down to the ‘lesser races’ to put a dragon in its place.

    Malygos is a leviathan with small wings. His body is covered with crystalline scales of pure azure. His body shines with shifting colors that change constantly from blue to silver. Theoretically, since he and his children specialize in magic it is likely that their powers far exceed those of the other dragon flights since magic is the element they rule.

    Malygos the Spellweaver is the blue Dragon Aspect, and the master of the blue dragonflight. He is one of the most ancient creatures living on Azeroth, and one of only a handful who were alive at the time the Titans departed. Now that he has regained his sanity, he is once again taking an active role in the protection of the world

    I have no idea what the difference between a leviathan and a dragon is, but his wings look pretty normal size to me? Anyway, once again this is a fight that can either be experienced in 25 or 10 man versions as long as you have a key holder from the relevent versions of Naxxramas. Maligned have now, of course, cleared both versions of each instance.

    The fight is broken into three phases. The first the tank keeps the dragon occupied while the raid stand behind and do what we can to both bring him down to 50% while at the same time stopping orbs from reaching him (with the added incentive of providing a DPS buff if you stand in the sparks the orb leaves behind) and being spun around in the air. The next phase involves killing schions and nexus lords which circle around the place on crazy circular boards (which can be mounted by players) while running around and ensuring that you are standing inside orbs left behind by dragon breaths (you can't make this shit up). Once all the humans are dead the fun starts - we mount dragons. The idea then is to stack up as many dots while the whole raid dodges various attacks on Malygos as possible before the ten minute enrage timer hits.

    Due to the enrage timer this fight can be quite tricky, you really don't want to lose people for no reason. I think at this stage of so many of us knowing the fight quite well as long as we can reach the third phase with 22+ people up we have ourselves a kill and so we did.

    It feels strange to have killed an entire magic aspect but stranger things have happened such as Alexstrasza, a huge dragon, rocking up just as we kill the boss - such classic Warcraft timing!
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    First mentioned in the Book of Job in the Old Testament, the leviathan is a primordial creature that has existed pre-Old Testament times and supposedly lived long before God created Earth. Myth tells us that the reappearance of this creature heralds the end of the world.

    It is so large that no human can ever see it in its entirety, and its vast size makes it capable of supporting an entire ecosystem of its on on its body. Apparently its about 30+ miles (or 48+ kilometers) long.
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    And if you belive such tales, the leviathan was, according to Platon, guarding the entrance to Atlantis.
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