Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Emille, June 17th,2008.

  1. Emille

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    Allo maligned, Emille here, just wanna tell you guys that Hotflame, Aldorath and I are planning a Tempest Keep run this Saturday, and would like to invite some of you guys for the fun :)

    Time: 19:00 GT
    Date: Saturday 21st June 2008
    Venue: Tempest Keep, The Eye, Netherstorm

    well, take care and GL on Brutallus :)

    Ja ne
  2. Bobbyfunk

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  3. Raspi

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    Quarter finals are saturday you HEATHENS.
  4. Emille

    Emille Well-Known Member

    3 bosses downed from TK, 3 bosses downed from SSC, thanks dave, bobby , Electronicus and other Maligners for coming to this raid :)

    And Holland got pwned big time :p
  5. Raspi

    Raspi Well-Known Member


    Weren't you from England btw? :p
  6. Faunus

    Faunus Well-Known Member

    Regardless if he was or wasn't, the fact remains that Holland got owned at the weekend, and England didn't. A fresh loss is far worse than one that happened half a year ago. LOSER.
  7. Raspi

    Raspi Well-Known Member

    Teehee, think I hit a nerve there.
  8. Faunus

    Faunus Well-Known Member

    Teehee I wouldn't give you the pleasure :p
  9. Faunus

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  10. Raspi

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    Bravewarrior hacked his account?

  11. Leeunit

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    givf more tonightlol