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    Progress has been steady of late even though we have taken some time out to bring newer members in line in terms of gear, although we have left them out of a few hard modes where it has been necessary but since our last funky update the following has occured:

    In reverse order, the night before patch 3.2 graced us with its presence, we downed Steelbreaker for the first time having not really tried it before - very exciting. Of course, the day after patch 3.2 hit and we made our way to the new dungeon, thoroughly exciting until the second attempt on the Northren beasts and we killed them. Is that it? Onwards to Ulduar where it was business as usual other than the comedy encouner of XT-002 deconstructor who was a little more enthusiastic about sharing his/her scrap bots with us, needless to say it took a little longer than usual (I don't know if it would have even been possible outside of hard mode) and we did Nerf Scrapbots completely by accident - there were that many of them!

    We did our usual flapping around on a few hard modes that week, learning a little more about both Freya and Mimiron, but with time against us we decided on the last raid night of that reset to clear the place and perhaps take a look at Vezax hard mode, third attempt (still complete with horrible shadow crash awareness by at least myself) we downed it - ooh!

    This week so far, all hard modes all the time, Hodir handled so spectacularly that it was the first of several fights we would literally cheese, last and certainly not least Mimiron where we made the incredible revelation that if you stayed alive in phase 4 for a few minutes there was a good chance it would die, we hung on for at least two thirds of that and Mimiron clearly decided that was good enough.

    Freya now stands between us and Algalon whereas Freya, Yogg with only one ally and some crazy cat lady are all we need to slap to get a lovely slightly retextured drake to ride around on, but now we all want Onyxia.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.