M'uru and Entropius

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    The room was deathly silent; no one had made a sound apart from breathing for the last twenty minutes. They had been at this now for hours and the strain was beginning to show on some but every one knew that there was still a long way to go before they could go home. Finally their leader rose from where he was sitting and spoke, with an expression of grim determination etched on his face as he walked over and looked out the window of the boardroom.

    “People this has gone on long enough, in case some of you have forgotten the planning the penultimate fight for the Sun Well Plateau, our most challenging raid dungeon to date,” he declared and spun to look at his development team. “Now what have you got?” The room once more fell into silence as they all looked at each other, then one developer slammed his had on the desk and leapt to his feet.

    “I’ve got it,” he declared excitedly, all eyes turn to him. “We’ll make it a two phase fight, in the first one Mu’ru spawns lots of adds and in the second turns in to a giant void walker,” there were cheers and claps from every one in the room but the boss who shook his head.

    “You suggested that for High Astromancer Solarian in ‘The Eye’,” he pointed out as he moved back to his seat and once again the room was filled with an oppressive stillness, but only for a second as another developer stood up with a grin on his face.

    “What if in the first phase when one of the adds die, it spawns more adds,” he suggested. All eyes turned from him back to their department head who sat for a moment letting the idea sink into his head then he smiled.

    “Works for me,” he decided. “Now lets go for a beer,” the developers cheered once and rushed from the room.

    We were already making good progress into phase 2 on this fight before the big Wrath patch hit - of course anyone could say that, but killing him/her/it the first night possible (Felmyst bugged the previous night due to server errors) helps us back that statement up. There is still plenty going on in this fight so a little co-ordination is still very much required. The last patch only made it a little more forgiving as we made a few errors but still found the time to nuke Entropus down. We then stood around afterwards and couldn't help but feel a little cheated of a kill that would have been far more satisfying a week earlier.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.