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    So it would seem we totally forgot that we had a front page to post updates on our progress to, either that or we have been busy doing whatever we can to prepare for Icecrown Citadel.

    Having beaten the Northrend Beasts for the first time on the 9th September we made steady progress which I will attempt recollect now:

    10th September: Lord Jaraxxus & the Faction Champions

    Ok, so one day later clearly these two encounters didn’t give us too much hassle. Generally, this is not too surprising for a guild clearing Ulduar for several weeks. Jaraxxus was not too much work once our positioning was resolved along with the timeless Maligned problem of not shooting a target that isn’t a boss.

    I can only assume we got one of the easier compositions on the Faction Champions, as we do sometimes come up short, but clearly not for our time. A very long fight and certainly very hectic, unless you are a hunter then you can just tab target and shoot whatever you feel like, bonus points for shooting sheep and using snake traps.

    23rd September: The Twin Valkyr

    After a bit of wasted time where we learnt that 25 people just can’t play dodge ball, we changed our strategy and found it worked a little better. Without giving away secrets, we found it our new method – although a little reliant on the order of the boss’ abilities – worked much better. The fight has been buffed since our first kill but it hasn’t stopped us taking them down every week.

    3rd November: Anub’arak

    A bit of a break in progress were we face what I guess must now be the hardest encounter in the game. With no feasible strategy guides posted we had to work it out for ourselves from scratch and this took a bit of time to perfect. There are of course areas that the fight can be improved to make it a little more stable, but we are close to getting consistent as can be seen by...

    5th November: A Tribute to Skill

    We reached Anub’arak with 50 attempts remaining, but obviously there are still a few issues we need to be aware of every week on this fight. I believe we have now killed Anub’arak twice now with 44 attempts remaining. Stupid bug.

    Elsewhere in the World of Warcraft?

    We are currently clearing the 10mans at least four times a week, with three of those pushing the hard modes with at least two achieving a high success rate on getting mad skill. Many of us are currently playing with alts at the moment who are also enjoying these instances to really expand our knowledge of the game.

    Not much else to do while we wait for the next major content patch other than really pushing for those mad skills to give us a good head start once it arrives.
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    Thanks to Piggy for the screenshot :p
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