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    The selfish and unrelenting nature of this guild have once again forced me to make another update to the front page. Having "had a go" at one light on Thursday with an unoptimal group, we returned today with a record breaking number of melee (enough for a really small dinner party) and showed Yogg our alternative method of stopping wipes. Killing the boss. Of course, only one of the bloody keepers could remember us, in the mountains, (fired?), so we let him join in banishing the other to watch upstairs.

    Losing your sanity is something that really makes life more difficult and realy seperates the taurens from the gnomes. Having been on a mini-mission to gear up some of our new recruits over the last few weeks, we hadn't even attempted two keepers so it clearly made sense to just crack on and do it with just one.

    It took a few attempts to get the hang of it and all the fall-into-place-things to fall into place, but we did in the end with only one foolish hunter going insane.

    New mounts? This reset it would seem as we haven't even tried 'Crazy Cat Lady' and don't really want to try 'Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare', so hopefully this time tomorrow we will have our slightly reskinned proto-drakes!

    Apparently we won't be attempting 'Alone in the Darkness' just yet, my amazing suggestion of just off-tanking the immortals in the third phase has been vetoed. Surely it is the easiest way? Our next phase of progress would now seem to be poking Algalon a little more (progress tonight was really good with us passing two of the fights cycles so hopefully not too long before we have that under out belts) and tickling whatever the colliseum throws at us.

    Ok so two days have passed:

    Ok so another day has passed. Having one-shotted all the boses in the colosseum we made our way to Ulduar with two tasks in our minds, to kill a crazy cat lady and kill some dwarves, easy right? Sadly, the cat lady required a little more than we expected and having attempted all last night we came back today and one shotted her and then quickly killed fifty iron dwarves.

    The screenshot shows lots of people on the new drakes and a few of us on the ten man version, hopefully we can get the rest of our raiders on the new variety in the next few weeks before they get removed. No reason to go back to easy modes now!
Thread Status:
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