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Do you like the idea of prochat?

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  1. Dorkyorcy

    Dorkyorcy New Member

    With rapid raid progress there is usually no time to raid the less challenging bosses and instances in the game (Gruul, Maghteridon, maybe even Kharazhan). U cant implement them in your normal raiding days, and there are usually not enough players online on non-raiding evenings. Organizing PUGs is suicide and frustrating, so whats the solution?
    I thought we could organize an exclusive chat channel, where only the members of the 3 top horde raiding guilds (Maligned, Umbrage, Artum Inferniti) are allowed. This would make us able to organize potent groups for no-dkp raids, even if there are not enough players online in 1 guild. We could protect this channel with a password to avoid spam and noobs.
    This could also help us to strike down worldbosses as fast as possible (like in pre BC times in some cases).
    If u like the idea plz let me know on the forum or ingame. Problems like loot distribution rules, raiding rules and other rules to avoid chaos will be discussed in another topic.
    I hope i convinced u, and we can cooperate in the future.

    (PS.: sry for my terrible spelling, im working on it :p)
  2. Dorkyorcy

    Dorkyorcy New Member

    Prochat online on Friday!

    Despite the many views, u didnt give too much response to my idea, but i still think we should try this, so i started prochat. U can join it any time and plz do so, because it only works if many people use it. For now only Artum Inferniti and Maligned are the participating guilds, because i couldnt get access to the Umbrage forums yet. The channel name is prochat (obviously :p), and the code is unity. I thought our first raid could be on next Saturday (Okt 27) with a good old-fashioned Gruuls lair raid, but if u dont like the time or the place we can always change it. Please visit ... ?1358.last

    this topic is for rules, questions, suggestions.

    Hope we meet on Saturday!