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Discussion in 'News' started by Electronicus, April 12th,2010.

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  1. Electronicus

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    So after Sindragosa last week we had a few goes on Putricide and while we didn't quite reach phase three on our first night we pretty much had the first two phases beaten. The following Sunday we effectively nailed the strategy and had quite a few sub-ten percent goes, so close. This week we quickly cleared everything else and started our attempts with a few tweaks. We literally had attempts where the boss was under one percent only to hear after the raid that quite a few people were experiencing latency. What? So we returned and smashed him for yet another server first.

    Certainly an energetic encounter and I remember thinking how only a few weeks ago, we were struggling to cope with goo balls and now here we are dancing around with not only goo balls, but diseases and multiple oozes. With several attempts still remaining, it made sense to take a look at the Lich King on heroic to secure our world third equal (right?) position. We didn't quite make phase two or indeed the first transition but we did make a little progress (low eighties) and give us a little look into what lies ahead.

    Elsewhere, ten man progress remains strong with more drakes appearing each week. I am fairly sure we will start looking at the Lich King on heroic there shortly. We are also closing in on our first guild [item]49623[/item] with Ramuela being 82% of the way there (and Dhari 2% of the way there) which will give raids a bit of extra DPS and some extra loot from the Lich King. Super.

    Recruitment is still open and you can see our available spots here, in addition we are also looking at expanding into the PVP side of the game and are accepting high level applicants, you can view more on that here, many of the details are still be worked out.
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