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    So aside from two agonising months of not quite getting a Tribute to Insanity in the coliseum, we have also been working hard on new content since Icecrown became available.

    Every week we have been running two 25man groups and up to six 10man groups in a huge effort to get all of our raiders every frost badge they can every week, so it really amazing we have still found the time to also clear the hard mode coliseum in the space of our four nights of raiding per week.

    While the biggest challenge in Icecrown has been the crippling lag, there have been some interesting albeit easy encounters with the first section barely posing any kind of threat. The real fun started once the second section became available last week.

    We took down the first two new encounters after a few attempts. Festergut is a straight up DPS race and we more than rose to the challenge, Rotface was a little different but still no challenge. With the fear of lag and limited attempts on a boss we thought was bugged we waited and on another night we used up our ten attempts on Putricide learning a little about the fight.

    This week we ran three 10 man runs first to get everyone a little experience and ended up killing Putricide with each one with more 10 mans due later this week.

    Tonight we quickly reached Putricide and after a few false starts we got him down with seven attempts still remaining for a server first kill with both plenty of time left before the enrage and much of the floor free of green blobs. A very satisfying kill and one worthy of being added to our front page news.

    Next week yet another section becomes available and could well mean the start of a zone wide buff, so we are really pleased that we were able to take Putricide down before that and are looking forward to the new encounters.
Thread Status:
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