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What would you prefer as a Raid Start Time on Wednesday and Tuesdays. ( Server Time )

  1. Current raid times, 21:15 and 21:45

  2. 21:00

  3. 20:00

  4. No preference

  1. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member


    We currently have very awkward raid times on the Wednesday and Tuesday and Sunday we also start earlier than other days because it is a less busy day for most people.

    Feel free to leave your opinions aswell as drop a vote. If you won't be able to make raids until a specific time or if you don't want them to start earlier on the weekdays please let me know.

    Obviously don't reply to this if you're not a raiding member of Maligned as your opinion affects others and not yourself.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed Maligned Member

    Got training on tuesday/thursday, so current times are earliest i can make it then.
  3. Shankara

    Shankara Maligned Veteran

    If I recall correctly we agreed on these times because of people's work/family commitments. I myself cannot make it until my daughter is in bed, so am always a bit late on Sundays.
  4. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Maligned Member

    I personally feel they should have left Taste The Difference sandwiches in the £3 meal deal.

    Oh and 21:00.
  5. Farx

    Farx Maligned Member

    21:00 works for me, I'll be late most/all Wednesdays though.
  6. Nost

    Nost Maligned Member

  7. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    So far we're coming to 9 o clock Server time working for most people. The main thing is that the raid can commence then and people who can't make the time can join in when they can get online which I probably will sort out a time like 21:30 where anyone who was late can be pulled in once they're outside so we don't spend the first 30 minutes just summoning and inviting people who cannot make it early which will ruin the whole point of starting at a specific time. I don't need to be reminded over and over again that we're casual, Being casual with regards to how we approach raiding is fantastic but it doesn't mean we cannot be efficient with the time we use raiding to progress at a speed everyone is happy with especially knowing that content is coming alot quicker this expansion.