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Discussion in 'News' started by Varuna, May 30th,2011.

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    We've still got recruitment open for a small number of classes and are particularly interested in the following:

    1) One healer. Ideally a healy priest (I don't think it's particularly important whether you prefer Holy or Disc but it would be nice have the other spec available as an off-spec when the fight really favours it) but all classes will be considered.

    2) Hunter. Speaking as someone who now mainly plays a warrior tank, we will pay BIG MONEY for a hunter and their misdirection goodness. BIG MONEY counts as free flasks, food and GB repairs and may or may not be the same BIG MONEY everyone in the guild receives.

    3) We have a possible spot for a DPS with a tanking OS. Ideally not a Ret Pala (we have two) but we'd like to see DK, Warrior, Druid applications a plenty.

    4) A caster DPS. Elemental Shaman/Boomkin/Mage all considered.

    Head over to the recruitment section on the forum for more info and feel free to message any of our members in game who can point you the way of one of our officers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.