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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by iKonikqt, January 11th,2017.

  1. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

    Please post if you have a Maligned account here or if you are registered but can't see the main part of the forum so I can fix it, Anyone who doesn't reply here conveniently won't be in raids :p

    iKonikqt - X
    Lupis - X
    Eklipse - X
    Effis - X
    Shankara - X
    Hugh - X
    Tumbleweed - X
    Peralta - X
    Nimel - X
    Moonstrider - X
    Mephitol - X
    Lavey - X
    Kvothez - X
    Khrenor ( WRU )
    Ilse - X
    Grimmzen - X
    Flappie - X
    Faraxis - X
    Elwinblack - X
    Daemonhunter - X
    Cyrox - X
    Blandalf - X
    Fitzjane ( Trial )
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  2. Flappie

    Flappie Maligned Member

  3. Nost

    Nost Maligned Member

  4. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed Maligned Member

    moo, can see raiding and members sections fine
  5. spin

    spin Maligned Member

    o/ seeing all the things
  6. Lavey

    Lavey Maligned Member

    I see stuff - and hear voices too o_O
  7. Melithera

    Melithera Maligned Member

    Peralta, that's enough!
  8. Daemon

    Daemon Maligned Member

    FINE! I made an account! Happy? xD
  9. Cyrox

    Cyrox Maligned Member

  10. Shankara

    Shankara Maligned Veteran

  11. Elwin

    Elwin Maligned Member

    Can see all
  12. mephitol

    mephitol Well-Known Member

  13. Kvothe

    Kvothe Maligned Member

    I can see stuff :p
  14. Kieron

    Kieron Maligned Member

    Kieron = Grimmzen and the other Grimm's
  15. N1mel

    N1mel Maligned Member

    Can't access the main part of the forum.
  16. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

  17. Kvothe

    Kvothe Maligned Member

    I cant access the main part of the forum
  18. Khrenor

    Khrenor Member

  19. Arile

    Arile Maligned Member

    MOOOOOO!!!!!!! Moo once more if you're being held hostage.
  20. Khrenor

    Khrenor Member


    (I am in fact held hostage by my master's thesis, and have been since my unplanned and abrubt disappearance back in November)
    That being said, it is as of writing this 7 days and 2 minutes until the deadline when I need to hand it in in whatever shape and form it is at that point ...
    I intend to log back on once I'm all done - there will be an oral follow up of the thesis mid February or so (no Sam, that doesn't mean I will blow someone to get a better grade), and I'm away for work the two first weeks of Feb as well, so don't expect to see me online until the later parts of Feb. Once I do get back on, there are some practical obstacles with my new job; a weekly commute and dodgy internet connection half the week while at work (I live on base for those days), so don't make any great plans involving me just yet ...
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