Saturday Alt/Pug ICC25 Invitational (12.06.10)

Discussion in 'The Inn' started by tabbi, June 8th,2010.

  1. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I would like to invite people to attend an Icecrown Citadel 25man raid.

    Current progress for these runs:
    • Marrowgar(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Lady Deathwhisper(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • *Gunship(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Saurfang(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Rotface(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Festergut(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Putricide(3)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Blood Princes(5)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Blood Queen(2)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Dreamwalker(2)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Sindragosa[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Lich King[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    *= Heroic mode Guaranteed.
    (number)= how many times the boss has died.


    • Raid Invites are done at 20:00 and start time is once we fill the raid. Raid is over at 00:00 (or before if we get all possible bosses down, but no later unless people request one last boss attempt and all are in agreement).[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Raid does not operate on Gear Score nor Achievement requests.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Loot is distributed via rolls. Loot is linked in chat with (ms) or (os) after it for people to roll. Pay attention to raid chat as late rolls can and will be ignored. BoE items that aren't taken for (ms) or (os) will be raid rolled as will Primordial Saronite. (Each person will be able to roll on only one (ms), if attempts to roll on more than one spec your first item roll will be noted and your roll on the other spec items will be ignored. You can roll again when it gets passed on to (os) if nobody else rolled for (ms).)[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Loot will be one item per boss. You can roll on all items but if you win you can't get more (unless you are the only person interested in all items). If the first item rolled for has a few interested people and you win the roll and the next item you are the only person interested then you will be asked to give the first item to the seconded highest person.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Raid is for some lighthearted fun but with a focus when it comes to bosses. Don't know what to do or want to know more about the bosses, ask and someone will help.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • Raid is not here to boost you. If you aren't willing to put the effort into your character then the raid isn't going to carry you.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • If you can't make the full run, Don't ask to come. If you join and just leave midway through you will have no future part in runs.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • These runs will be Saturday nights every week until we don't have enough interest to continue. If I can't make it for whatever reason I'll try during the week to find a replacement leader for that week.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]
    • We use TeamSpeak 3 to make things easier on ourselfs.It's by no means a requirement, but some important stuff is called during boss fights where there isn't time to type.[/*:m:2zh3v5eg]


    The set-up I generally look for is:
    1Tank/dps (for Marrowgar/Deathwhisper/Blood Princes and future Putricide)

    If you would like to be considered for a slot then drop a reply here in the form of:

    Name: Yves
    Class: Death Knight
    Spec: Blood Tank (53/8/10)
    Armory: ... or&cn=Yves

    I obviously can't guarantee everyone a raid slot but if enough interest we can get the raid started as close to 20:00 as possible.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the post and hope we can help each other out on the night if you decide to put your name forward.
  2. Dunderbamse

    Dunderbamse Well-Known Member

  3. Guinivere

    Guinivere Well-Known Member

  4. Arile

    Arile Well-Known Member

  5. Varuna

    Varuna Well-Known Member

    Can't believe a fellow Brit would organise an ICC with an England game on!
  6. Mo

    Mo Well-Known Member

    Name: Moreeni
    Class: Shaman
    Spec: Jesusbeams
  7. Zin

    Zin Well-Known Member

    Brit? what?

    Obviously you have little understanding of the Scottish people.
  8. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Well-Known Member

    We're your best option tbh :p
  9. Varuna

    Varuna Well-Known Member

    You guys support England and we'll cheer on Andy Murray at Wimbledon. Unless he's losing. Deal?
  10. Bobbyfunk

    Bobbyfunk Well-Known Member

    Fuck Murray he's a little wanker.
  11. Konjin

    Konjin Well-Known Member

    Same as every week, no stupid footie watching intended
  12. Guinivere

    Guinivere Well-Known Member

    I love your use of words <3 Stupid football.
  13. Zin

    Zin Well-Known Member

    You could bum him for all I care. I will not be waving the england flag.

    ever :p
  14. tabbi

    tabbi Well-Known Member

    Yeah no England support from me.

    As for Murray, he's only British when winning and Scottish when not, but it's tennis fuck that.
  15. Altreus

    Altreus New Member

  16. Relinor

    Relinor Well-Known Member

    Sashish - Arms Warrior
  17. Thander

    Thander Member

  18. iKonikqt

    iKonikqt Administrator Staff Member

  19. Nazkol

    Nazkol Well-Known Member

  20. samoo

    samoo New Member

    Name Samoo
    Spec Fearl Cat

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