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Discussion in 'The Inn' started by Ferocious, January 16th,2017.

  1. Ferocious

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    Hi gang,

    This news might not come as a huge surprise to some, but with just a couple of days to go until NH launches I've been offered a position in a guild on Kazzak to be part of their core Mythic raiding team, and I've said yes!

    It's been a while since I've enjoyed raiding this much, and this might be the last time in my life i can properly geek out and push myself on WoW so I felt like it was an opportunity I'd be silly to pass up on, I hope you understand!

    Anyway, just thought I'd say you're all a wonderful bunch of people; I feel as a raid group Maligned's really strengthened over the last few months (despite a few shaky moments!) and it's really quite special to see everyone pulling together. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time progressing through NH especially if this momentum continues. If Sam forgives me for desertion I'd love to come help out if you're ever short a dps too (I won't have raids Sundays & Tuesdays). I have no life at the mo so always available!!

    My alts will stay in the guild so you won't be rid of me, and please please add me on realid: hughrocksyo#2327 to hit me up for anything. I've been in and out of Maligned since vanilla so my home will always be here.

    Love Hugh xxxxxxxxx
  2. kavselj

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    Fuck you, Hugh.
  3. iKonikqt

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    I'll miss you
  4. Nost

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    See Hugh later. Hope to see Hugh again soon!
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    also... be happy mate and good luck on progression and fun times, we will miss you for sure.
    also stupid orc fu ;(
  8. tumbleweed

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    Clearly me coming back has made you anxious about losing your top dps spot >.>
    Enjoy the mythic raids!
  9. Elwin

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    Hi Hugh, sorry to see you go. Hope you smash mythic. Best of luck